Valorant Open BETA to end soon, launches on June 2nd

RIOT Games has kept its Valorant Open BETA for a while within certain regions. Valorant has been gaining popularity and growth in community base. It seems Riot Games is ready to launch its all-new Free-To-Play multiplayer first-person shooter on the June 2nd.

The same dev also said it will be opening up to new regions on May 28th. It is likely to have ironed most flaws and issues enough to make a full debut.

Valorant’s gameplay style

To put it in a rough perspective, Valoront fancies itself as a combination of Overwatch and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The multiplay shooter is a 5 v S combat with many playable characters called ‘agents’. Valoran made many record-breaking gamers streaming and viewers watching the game on Twitch.

Additions and changes since open BETA gameplay

According to a report, it will reset all the progress gamers have made in the game during open BETA, giving a clean slate. It is unlikely it will unban those who have been caught cheating. With the fresh start, there will be new playable modes, characters and maps when it launches. RIOT Games will also have new US servers in Atlanta and London. In the European region, it will start servers in Madrid and Warsaw, Germany to accommodate new gamers. No news about its plans for deploying Asian servers yet.

It should be interesting to see how much of popularity Valorant’s pulls off with other popular titles such as CS: GO, Overwatch, APEX Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone and a few more.

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