Valve Teasing Steam Hardware Codenamed ‘Living Room’

Some buzz about the Valve gaming consoles had been circulating around for quite some time and it was rumored that the Valve will be launching their very own set of consoles and hardware exclusively for the gamers under the name tag of ‘Steam Box’. The rumors might seem to be coming true as a new page on Steam just went live and it’s being called ‘Living Room’. And so it looks like the release of a Steam console from Valve is on the way.


The entire steam hardware will be built around the Linux operating systems and its special potential to suit the environment of the typical living room has already been confirmed by Gabe Newell. The future of Steam will soon be shaped into the requirements of the new users who want it to survive in the living room surroundings and it seems like the wait won’t be for too long. The same site which went live on the Steam had set a timer which is to end in 72 hours and hopefully more details regarding this will be pushed our way. To get some insight into the newest three teasers, fans must stick to regularly visiting the site of steam powered.


Source: Steam | News Archive