Vantec NexStar Dual Bay Hard Drive Dock Review


Overall the Vantec NexStar Dual Bay Hard Drive Dock is a great device to have on hand. For those who use multiple drives to either transfer or store data often, this Dual Bay Drive Dock is the perfect option. While it doesn’t provide the cooling or stability of an enclosure it does provide something enclosures can’t provide; an extremely quick installation. I’ve found myself looking to quickly access hard drives that aren’t in my system every now and then and a device like this makes it much easier to access them, especially since I don’t have to worry about attaching them to an enclosure.

This dual bay drive dock can be found anywhere between $50 to $75 online. A nice extra benefit, for those that don’t have eSATA, is the included eSATA bracket which makes high transfer speeds available for everyone. Overall ThinkComputers awards the Vantec NexStar Dual Bay Hard Drive Dock a 9 out of 10 score.


– Quick and easy to use
– Dual bays
– Includes both USB and eSATA
– Simplistic design


– Docks aren’t as sturdy as enclosures
– No included software


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