Ikonik Ra X10 SIM Aluminum Full Tower Review

[ad#review1023-top]The other day I was thinking about the fact that it seems like a lifetime ago, but it has been less than a decade that there was a minimum of choices when choosing a case for your PC. So what was it like for a builder 10-15 years ago? To steal a quote from Henry Ford, you could have whatever case you wanted.as long as it was a plain beige box. Pre-modding like side windows, stealthed drives, nice feet, or any other cool item was unheard of. Oh, there were guys out there using Dremels, jig saws, hand grinders, and other hand tools creating case mods from mild to wild, but nearly all started with the basic steel beige box. Today’s common items like fan controllers, blowholes, even the 120mm chassis fan didn’t exist then.

There are still plenty of guys out there doing case mods, but it is much less common than it was in the early part of this decade, due to the huge number of pre-modded cases available today. Actually, I guess that “pre-modded” is now a non-term, since virtually all cases have features that would have been considered pre-mod items as recently as five years ago.

Recently I reviewed Ikonik’s flagship case, the Ra X10 Liquid, an aluminum liquid cooled full tower. Today I will be looking at a slightly more basic version of that case, the Ra X10 Sim, which doesn’t have the liquid cooling components, but does have the Sim module, a USB controlled component that gives total control over the 13 case fans. Yes you read that right, 13 fans, the Ra X10 is a very ventilated case. Read on to check out the Ikonik Ra X10 Sim!


Model Name: Ra X10 Sim
Type: Full Tower
Color: Silver/Black (Black/Silver also available)
Dimensions: 220mm x 572mm x 606mm (8.66″ x 22.5″ x 23.85″)
Weight: 19.84 lbs
Materials: Entire aluminum (3.0 mm front door / 1.2 mm body construction / 2.0 mm material thickness construction bars)
5 .25″ External Bays: 6 (includes conversion kit for 1 x 3.5″ external drive)
3.5″ Internal Bays: 8
Expansion Slots: 8
Side Panel: Interchangeable mesh/transparent windows
I/O Panel: 2 x eSATA, 4 x USB 2.0, 1 x IEEE 1394, 1 x audio
Cooling: 2 x front 120 mm incl. LED / rear 1 x 140 mm incl. LED / rear bottom 2 x 80 mm incl. LED / 2 x 4 80 mm side fans incl. LED
Mainboard Support: uATX / ATX / CEB / E-ATX (extended-ATX)
Tool Free: One-touch removable front drive-bay cover/removable MB-tray/one-click HDD installation/PCI-slots
Anti-Vibration: Rubber op HDD and PSU railing for anti-vibration and noise reduction
Special Features:
– Sim USB Controller module equipped
– Diamond-cut front door
– Rotatable & removable anti-dust cover
– EPS 12V PSU support
– Diamond sandblasted aluminum top cover


The Ra X10 Sim comes in an attractive box, the rear is covered with photos and features.

Ikonik Ra X10 SIM Aluminum Full Tower Ikonik Ra X10 SIM Aluminum Full Tower

Inside, the case is well protected with foam ends and is packaged in a heavy glassine bag.

Ikonik Ra X10 SIM Aluminum Full Tower Ikonik Ra X10 SIM Aluminum Full Tower