Ikonik Ra X10 SIM Aluminum Full Tower Review


As far as noise level with the Ra X10 with all fans in Silent Mode, the rig is pretty much silent. You can barely hear the 80mm fans if your head is within a couple of feet away, but only enough to tell they are running. With all fans in Performance Mode, of course the rig is loud, but to be honest, it isn’t as loud as you’d expect.nowhere as loud as my first build was with four 80mm case fans plus CPU, GPU, and NB cooler fans. Obviously the design of the 80mm fans in the Ra X10 makes them more quiet than the typical older 80mm fan.

Remember, we’re talking about 13 case fans, 10 of them being 80mm fans.

Of course, I knew what to expect with the Ra X10, considering the only difference in this case and the Liquid version is the watercooling system. Exterior finish is excellent, the door hinges are plenty rugged enough for the heavy door. Again, I really like the design of the control panel, which is recessed into the top itself instead of built into a separate panel. The silver color looks very nice, I like the contrast between the body color and the black trim, it has a professional look.

Interior fit and finish is excellent. The left door rattles a little when there are no thumbscrews installed, but only when you bump the case.it does not rattle when you walk across the room, get out of your chair, or other things that might make it rattle when placed on a conventional floor.

I don’t know that there is a case with more ventilation. No more than this is needed, for sure. With the Sim set to Silent Mode, you’d never know that there were 13 fans spinning.

Looking at the prices of aluminum full towers, they range from around $110 to $500, with the bulk of them being $160-170. The Ikonik Ra X10 Sim runs $170. There are no cases with the ventilation features of this case, 13 fans that are USB speed controlled, so I have to consider this case a value. ThinkComputers.org gives the Ikonik Ra X10 SIM Aluminum Full Tower a 10 out of 10 score.


– Well built, excellent fit and finish throughout
– 13 case fans, made silent by onboard USB/software fan controller
– Reasonably priced


– None