Velvet Caviar Holo Moonstone Case Review

iPhones are powerful devices and it’s little wonder that over 1.3 billion devices have been sold since the launch of the very first iPhone in 2007. Apple now sells 18% of all smartphones around the world and as such, it’s perhaps the best-known smartphone brand in the world.

These devices are renowned for their quality and security – as well as their price. If you decide to invest in a new iPhone, you need to make sure that it’s kept safe with the best case possible. With some models selling for over $1,000 you’ve really got to invest in a quality case that can protect your purchase.

Many people understand that this is the case, which is why there are lots of smartphone case manufacturers out there vying for success. Very few of them come close to the quality that is on offer from Velvet Caviar, though.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at a review of Velvet Caviar’s “Holo Moonstone Marble iPhone Case” as we reviewed the case for the iPhone XR. We’ll give you the lowdown on what you can expect and why this case is such an excellent choice to protect your device.

Quality Materials

This smartphone case is built using Firm Flex™ technology that is capable of absorbing the shocks and impacts that come with accidental falls. This material is able to distribute the shock across the case, stopping any of the essential components within your device from being damaged.

The drop test on these cases is seriously impressive, and the case can offer protection from 8 FT. That’s very impressive and covers any type of accidental drop while you’re speaking on the phone – the time you’re most likely to drop it.

Not only is the material strong, it also feels fantastic. To stop your iPhone from slipping out of your hands you’ll want a material that feels right and offers you good purchase on your grip – this is a winning option.

Amazing Aesthetics

Velvet Caviar iPhone cases are perhaps best known for their excellent looks, and that’s absolutely the case here with this model. The cases are designed in New York by very talented designers who have managed to carve out a distinct identity for the product within a crowded space.

The pastel blue and pink colors look beautiful and they are topped with ever-so-delicate stone cracks that are filled with a holographic chrome. This really gives the impression that the case has come to life, giving you some very impressive moments.

All too often, smartphones look a little same-ey. It’s one of the big common criticisms that smartphone lovers have. If you want a case that makes a statement and expresses your personality, this is a great option.

Functional Design

The cases don’t just look beautiful: they are also functional and put the high-quality materials to very good use. You can rest assured that your phone is going to feel snug within the case, safe from any accidental impacts and scratches.

The front of the case has an elegant 3mm raised lip around the entire border. This helps to protect against any cracks or scratches – a welcome feature while we used the case. It also means that you can place your phone facedown (and enjoy the beautiful aesthetics) without having to worry about dealing damage to those beautiful OLED screens.

Likewise, the back of the case has a 1mm raised lip that surrounds and protects those flashy cameras. This helps to protect against scratches again, keeping your photos looking great for years to come.

All in all, this is a strong case that blends together form and function flawlessly. We have used the case for a few weeks now and it still looks and feels like new. Velvet Caviar cases are renowned for their longevity and durability too, meaning that cracks and color fade do not become an issue.

We’re confident that we’re going to keep this one for quite a while to come!

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