Viotek GNV30CBXA 30-inch 200 Hz Curved Gaming Monitor Review

Final Thoughts

Like with many Viotek displays they set out with a simple goal and with the GNV30CBXA I think the idea was to create a great 21:9 display for serious gamers and I really think they’ve accomplished that. Being someone who has used a 34-inch ultrawide it is just too large of a display for competitive gaming. If you are playing full screen you would always have to move your head left or right to see enemies at the edge of your screen and in competitive gaming that split second to move your head is the difference between hitting that headshot and missing it. The 30-inch size of the GNV30CBXA seems to be the sweet-spot as you play competitive games and see the entire screen without having to move your head left or right.

The next thing is refresh rate. Again many 34-inch ultrawides will max out at 144 Hz, while here we have a 200 Hz display. Refresh rate does matter and you’ll instantly notice a difference if you are moving up from anything 100 Hz and under. Basically the higher refresh rate the more information that reaches your eyes making for smoother-looking motion. Using the included DisplayPort cable we were able to run this display at 200 Hz no problem. Viotek does offer different gaming modes on the display and there are crosshairs you can add to the screen.

The 2560 x 1080 resolution is not as great as what you would find on a 34-inch (3440 × 1440), but it still is good enough for productivity tasks like running windows side-by-side, editing video, and much more. Editing a video on a 21:9 screen is such a joy and many gamers who are also content creators will appreciate the 21:9 aspect ratio on the GNV30CBXA.

Beyond the main features this is a pretty plain-jane monitor, no software, no crazy design or RGB lights, no USB hub, no headset hanger, but do you really need those things? That is one of the things I really like about Viotek is that they focus on the performance on the display, not the extra gimmicks in order to sell you. This also keeps the price of their monitors low. Right now this display is selling at our favorite online retailer for $319.99, which I feel is a great deal! Overall ThinkComputers gives the Viotek GNV30CBXA 30-inch 200 Hz Curved Gaming Monitor a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

– 200 Hz refresh rate
– 21:9 30-inch seems to be the sweet-spot for gaming
– Great for productivity as well as gaming
– 1800R curve and 21:9 aspect ration make games more immersive
– Price

– No software control

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