Virtual Reality Casinos – Where to Find Them and What to Expect

The online gambling industry is a business known for its high pace. Since the inception of the first online casino a few decades ago, game providers and operators have been working diligently to push the boundaries. And perhaps, needless to say, they’ve had much success.

Over almost three decades we’ve been seeing the industry make giant leaps forward, covering several important milestones along the way. The most recent breakthrough was the introduction of mobile casinos and the emergence of adventure casinos. Suddenly, operators started offering elaborate customer loyalty programmes, enticing gamification features and features that enhanced the social aspect of the customer experience.

Just a few years later, VR became the latest in the gaming industry. VR-headsets started popping up and the hype seemed to be real. Known to capitalise on the latest technological advancements and trends, operators and game developers from the online casino industry quickly jumped on the bandwagon. And it wasn’t long before we saw the first roll-out of a VR casino and VR-adapted slots. VR-technology stirred a buzz across all of the gaming industry, and many predicted VR casinos to become a rapidly emerging trend in the online gambling industry.

In retrospect, VR casinos haven’t really got off to a rocket start and become industry-standard many predicted them to be. But then again, VR headsets still aren’t a staple feature in the typical gamer’s arsenal.

It seems, VR still has some ground to cover, but nonetheless, there are some exciting VR casinos out there if you’d like to give it a go. Here’s a look at two great VR casinos and what you need to get going.

What are VR casinos?

You should know that VR casinos aren’t necessarily what you’d imagine them to be. Unlike VR games for gaming consoles, you don’t need a VR-headset to play VR casinos, or the games offered in such casinos.

When we’re speaking of a VR casino, imagine a computer-generated digital version of a land-based casino. This means you step into a 3D-generated establishment where you can walk around and engage with various slots and table games.

So, what’s the purpose of it all? Well, by creating such a 3D-environment, online casinos bring players one step closer to the experience they’d get at a brick and mortar casino. And if you get yourself some quality VR-gear, these stunning 3D casinos come to life in a whole new way. Head over to – Betpal helps you choose an online casino for you.

SlotsMillion’s VR Casino

SlotsMillion was the first operator to roll-out a VR casino. And so far, this seems to be the most accomplished VR casino product on the market.

SlotsMillions has created a 3D environment covering most things you’d find at a brick and mortar casino. As you step into the establishment, you start by the bar, from where you can stroll around and discover the different sections of the establishment.

You can play using real money, and SlotsMillion currently offers somewhere around 40 games. There are two ways to enjoy this VR casino product – with or without VR goggles. If you don’t want to invest in VR gear, you can download the app and enjoy SlotMillion’s VR casino in 3D on your computer. Much like you would any 3D computer game.

You could also get a pair of Oculus Rift VR goggles and treat yourself to a more immersive gaming experience. You can play using either your keyboard or a gaming controller. To get started, you have to download the app from SlotsMillion’s site and make sure your computer meets the requirements.

There are a few aspects that make this VR casino product super realistic and really cool. For starters, you get to choose an avatar before you step through the doors. Once you’re in the establishment, you’ll see people walking around on the floor. These aren’t merely computer-generated characters randomly thrown in to give the product credibility, but rather other players who’re playing at the same time as you.

You control your avatar by using the arrows on your keyboard. If you press Shift, you’ll pick up the pace and start running. A small toggle with the mouse will allow you to inspect different elements in the environment. You can also connect a gaming controller and use that instead of your keyboard.

In the casino, you’ll find an exciting array of hand-picked casino games to choose from. Some of the games included are Gonzo’s Quest, Jack Hammer 2 Jackpot 6 000 and Piggy Riches. Surprisingly enough, there are no table games to choose from at this stage. But just imagine what the experience would be if SlotsMillion would incorporate some quality live casino games from Evolution Gaming into its VR casino environment.

MrGreen’s VR casino

Known as the online casino industry’s gentleman, it’s befitting to see MrGreen offering a high-end and stylish VR casino.

Together with the well-known game provider, NetEnt, MrGreen has created Live Beyond Live. The product recreates a flashy and luxurious casino environment and focuses solely on table games. You can jump seamlessly between different table games that are powered by NetEnt Live, in a stunningly realistic casino atmosphere. The casino feels classy and exclusive, and the floor overlooks a vast lit-up city landscape.

MrGreens VR casino hosts two roulette tables and two blackjack tables. As you move between the tables, you’ll see the floor from a new angle, and the environment is very interactive. Just like in SlotsMillion’s casino, you’ll see people walking around on the floor, and now and then aeroplanes will be flying by outside the windows.

The people you see at the adjacent tables are other players playing at the same time as you. You’ll be able to see when other players win, and MrGreen has even thrown in a live stream so that you always know what’s going on at the casino. Another cool thing is that you might see MrGreen himself strutting around the casino.

One fundamental aspect that drastically adds to the realistic experience this VR casino offers is that the games are live casino games. In other words, you’ll be meeting real dealers and interact with them in real-time, just as you would at a brick and mortar establishment.

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