Vox Media Going After YouTubers Over Verge PC Build Video

If you guys remember back in September the Verge released their Gaming PC Build video on YouTube. The video went viral, but for all of the wrong reasons. The presenter in the video really had no clue what he was doing and many people pointed that out in the comments on the video. Soon after comments were turned off on the video and meme’s about the video started popping up on Reddit and Twitter. One of the funniest parody videos was Bitwit’s “Lyle Reacts to the Verge’s PC Build Video” in which he pointed out everything wrong in the video.

Vox Media, the parent company of the Verge eventually deleted the video. With all of the misinformation in the video and the amount of back-lash they were getting from the community I don’t blame them.

So we thought the Verge PC Build Video saga was over, but it seems Vox is now going after people who made parody videos of the original video. Bitwit seems to be the first victim as Vox media has put up a copyright claim on his video. This is not a normal copyright claim, which YouTube’s algorithm catches say for music or something else, this is a manual strike from Vox media.

While you might think that Vox Media has the right do this, Bitwit’s video is done as a parody and falls under fair use. It just seems that Vox Media wants all instances of the failed Verge PC build video off the internet. Here are a couple other parody videos, you can see how many views they have…

We hope Bitwit is able to fight this claim and that no other creators are hit with this same copyright violation strike from Vox Media.

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