WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive Review

WD Black SN750 Overview
The WD Black SN750 looks much like your typical M.2 2280 drive. WD is using the same black PCB, but the cover sticker has changed with the new branding.

WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive

Flipping the drive over there is nothing on the back. This is because WD has designed these drives to be single-sided so they are able to fit in thin and light devices.

WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive

As I mentioned this drive is designed completely in house by WD and they are essentially using the same layout as what we saw last year on their 2nd generation WD Black Drive. So you have the Western Digital controller, a DRAM cache chip, and two WD 3D NAND chips.

wd nvme

We received the version of the drive that does not have a heatsink, but WD will be offering variants of the drive that come with a heatsink designed by EK. According to the WD website it carries a $30 premium.

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