What 2021 Has in Store in Terms of Gaming Innovation after CES 2021

In case you didn’t know about CES by now, it’s the most important technology event worldwide. Every year, breakthrough technology is displayed by innovators worldwide to gather to present the newest ideas, gadgets, and trends. And since the gaming sector is 100% dependent on technology, the CES 2021 edition is a great occasion to observe some gaming trends for 2021 and the recent future. Here are the main takeaways on gaming and gambling-related aspects after CES 2021.

Console Gaming

With PlayStation and Xbox already unveiling their new-generation consoles late in 2020, this year’s CES edition lacked any big news from the two giants. Sony was present but only offered some teasers for new PS5 games. However, it doesn’t mean the event didn’t come with big news on the console front.  

  • Atari VCS – if you’ve already used the previous versions of Atari consoles, this new-and-improved version will surely catch your attention. Capable of delivering anything from 4K media streaming to top-quality gaming, the Atari VCS is one to keep an eye out for.
  • Analogue Pocket – Analogue presented their solution for gamers that love to relive the golden age of Game Boy. They named it “Pocket,” and it looks like a Game Boy in terms of layout and will give you access to a wide range of retro console games. The several adapters on the back allow you to enjoy Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Color games on original cartridges.

Gaming PCs

We won’t remind you of the eternal console vs PC gaming dispute since it’s clear for any gamer that there will never be an agreement on which one’s better. So, to keep everyone happy, we’re also presenting the CES 2021 highlights in terms of gaming personal computers and laptops.

  • Razer – the gaming giant, was very busy at CES 2021. Besides their concepts for an immersive gaming chair that got all gamers dreaming of the day it will become a reality, Razer stole the show with upgrades to the Blade 15 and Blade 17 laptops. The improvements focus on displays, memory, processing power, and GPUs (Nvidia’s next-gen cards). And even though the price tags also take a hike, it’s a reasonable price to pay for top-quality gaming gear.
  • MSI – in an interesting move, MSI presented their new gaming laptops as well. Just like the above-mentioned Razer Blades, all the new MSI machines come with Nvidia 30-series GPUs for maximum performance. The GE76 Raider Dragon Edition is definitely one to keep an eye on for the future, and let’s not forget the new gaming SSDs they put on display.

Gambling / Sports Betting

Since online eSports gambling and sports betting are considered adjacent to gaming, some CES 2021 innovations could improve this sector. In recent years, the focus of online gambling innovations was VR/AR and a deeply immersive experience. The idea of increased accessibility was continued at CES 2021, and accessories that could be used by punters and casino players were present.

vr headset 2021

  • Impulse – if you’re already enjoying your favorite casino games through a VR helmet or various AR accessories already available on the market, but you’re bothered by having to use the mouse, you’ll definitely love this one. Impulse allows you to control the mouse with your mind. It’s basically a glove that measures muscle contraction with razor-sharp precision.
  • The Future of Sports Betting – even though this entry doesn’t refer to a specific device or technology that improves the domain, this panel’s sole existence within CES 2021 is huge for the entire industry. It started with the 2020 edition, and it brought experts like Jeff Ma, Scott Butera (MGM International), Matt King (FanDuel), Mike Primeaux ( FOX Bet and FOX Sports), and Sara Slane together to discuss the future of online gambling.

The current global situation makes 2021 an excellent year for gaming innovation and the technology surrounding it. It’s clear that there’s an accelerated switch towards the digital in all sectors, and that can only come with future improvements in the years that follow. Coupled with more and more states that regulate online gambling on their territory, this year could be an excellent one for the iGaming industry.

gaming accessories 2021