What are random number generators and why do online casinos use them?

Millions of us log onto gaming and online casinos like 918kiss every year. We sign up, place our bets, and wait for the money to come in but we don’t really give much thought to what goes on behind the scenes. How does a computer determine the results of us clicking a mouse? How does each individual user get a personal online gambling experience? You can be sure that it isn’t a little man sat in a server room somewhere, pressing buttons on a keyboard, or even a whole team of them- it is down to millions upon millions of complex software and mathematical algorithms that work together to make online casinos work smoothly, seamlessly, and efficiently.

So, what kind of algorithms are used by the iGaming industry and how do they work? One of the most common type is the Random Number Generator algorithm which is needed to create a balance between unpredictability (to stop casinos from going bankrupt due to people strategizing and second guessing the results) and predictability. Whilst the games are unpredictable to an extent, do not ever think that they are completely random. Remember the saying that the house always wins? Well it does and random number generators such as Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNG) are a popular way of generating new seed numbers every second. They work by taking the last random number “spat out” by the generator, and using a mathematical formula to add/multiply/divide/subtract from it to create a new number. Due to the fact that a mathematical formula is not random and sticks to the same pattern each time, this means that a PRNG can never be considered TRULY random.


These types of algorithms are used in games where there is not a dealer. Games such as slots that you will find on famous online casinos such as https://www.888casino.com , roulette, blackjack, and keno amongst many others. So how would a PRNG apply to something like an online slots game? Well, let us explain, each symbol on a slots reel would be given a corresponding value. If there are 12 symbols with five reels and there are five reels in the machine, the PRNG would assign a value of 1-12 to each reel.

Anyone with an analytical mind can see that these types of things are easily open to abuse but all reputable online casinos are regulated, tested, and certified by the appropriate regulatory boards in their country. All software is rigorously tested and reported on by third party companies with no vested interest in the casino. Services that these companies provide include things like mathematics evaluations, RNG and PRNG evaluations, pay out verification and reporting, poker system audits, betting exchange evaluations, and full security audits. It is hoped that this type of auditing and evaluation will help stamp out any casinos that use crooked practices or have games that are influenced by variables such as whether the user is a VIP member, the amount of credits being used, or the amount of the prize.


There are however, always hackers that will try to be one step ahead of the game and it is possible to crack these algorithms and codes, although it takes someone pretty special and almost superhuman in ability to break the system.

Of course, this is just one of the types of algorithms which is used by online gaming companies to run its online slots. There are much more complicated and intricate systems involved when it comes to games like video poker, roulette, and baccarat. When it involves things like multiple cards, millions of possible outcomes, and multiple players, things get a lot more difficult and the accuracy and complexity of mathematical and software algorithms is called upon to ensure that not only is the house kept happy, but that the player is as well.

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