What Are Social Casino Games And Why Are They So Popular?

The gambling industry has utilized the market in which gamblers have been involved for several decades. Traditionally, the casino industry in countries such as America, for instance, was completely cornered off by casinos based in the gambling capital of North America – Las Vegas.

Nevada has always been a focal point for gamblers both from America and internationally. The Nevada desert has long been synonymous with gamblers worldwide and is a go-to destination for celebrations or exciting weekends away.

Despite the rise of digital casinos, which have become a multi-billion dollar global industry, the Nevada desert is still a popular destination for those looking to unwind and play a casino game or two.

Social casino games work differently from normal casino games, you can use tokens to play your chosen game, and you do not use your own money. This is crucial if you want to unwind and play a casino game without the added risk of losing your own money. Demo games work slightly differently from social casino games, as they will show you how to play a specific game.

However, social casino games involve receiving in-game tokens, which you do not exchange for real currency. This removes the anxiety of losing money and allows you to focus on specific games. Some of the games include:

  • Bingo games
  • Poker games – including video poker
  • Slot Machine games

However, it extends to other virtual games, such as roulette and blackjack. For example, when it comes to the slot machines on mbitcasino.io, initially, you will be given a set amount of virtual coins. You may need to start playing with real money if you lose your initial virtual tokens. Gambling companies can use this advertising strategy to entice you to spend money on their website.

Why Are They So Popular?

It removes the need for you to lose any money. You can enjoy the game in peace, find out how it works and still come out with the same amount of money you started with. They’re so popular because you can experience the same games as other gamblers, but you can remove the risk. The ability to remove the risk is a real selling point for people who don’t want or can’t afford to lose money on a casino game.

Some gamblers will argue that having the ability to gamble with your own money and win is the whole attraction to gambling. For some, this is what makes the experience gripping.

However, the popularity of social casino games shows a big market for people who want to experience the game without risking their cash. Similar to vegetarians who eat meat-free alternatives. They want to enjoy a product that tastes like meat but wants to remove the animal’s suffering. You don’t have to want to spend your own money all the time to enjoy casino gaming.

Whilst gambling with your own money, you can get drawn into negative practices such as gambling on emotion and chasing your own losses. You don’t need to worry about this in the venue of social casino games. I mean, you could possibly lose all of the virtual tokens you started with, but there’s no financial loss incurred.


As long as there is a gambling market, there will be a market for social casino games. There are plenty of examples of games that act as enjoyment for people without experiencing the full-blown version.

For instance, you could enjoy a game of NFL Madden on the PlayStation, but that doesn’t mean you will put on shoulder pads and go down to the local park, too.