Why Homeowners Should Protect Themselves From New “Netflix” Trick

If you have a habit of leaving your doors unlocked, you may risk house burglaries regardless of your protective measures. Burglars always keep an eye out for finding new tricks to dismantle door locks for breaking in. To prevent break-in attempts, a professional residential locksmith can be your best help. We will examine burglars’ different techniques for breaking into houses and discuss how homeowners can protect themselves from burglaries

The Role of the Netflix Trick in Home Burglaries

Locksmiths in the United Kingdom have recently become aware of a new burglary tactic they call “the Netflix Trick,” They believe it is spreading to other countries. The new “trick” involves sticking a magnet or another flat object across the bolt-hole of the door, as seen in the final episode of Better Call Saul on Netflix. The object is typically placed during the day when people are at home, and the door is not locked.

The trick “takes seconds” to execute, which means homeowners could be in the front room when the object is placed, preventing their door bolt from closing and the lock from working. A representative from Locksmiths Pros confirmed that this trick is also used by burglars in the United States. It’s an effective trick because people do not take locking doors seriously enough.

It’s a sobering statistic that 7% of Americans never lock their doors, and 23% never lock them when they’re at home. Even more, people do not consider it an emergency if the door suddenly does not lock. Burglars know there’s a good chance the homeowner won’t notice or care if they suddenly can’t lock the door, unaware that the lock has been tampered with.

Homeowners should take necessary preventive measures to ensure safety. While true, it is essential to know the other common tricks burglars use to break into houses.

Common Tricks Burglars Use to Break Into Homes

Locating Faulty Doors

A common practice most burglars rely on is locating a faulty door. Many houses have a weak link that allows burglars to break in. They push the door open or use tools to dismantle the faulty lock quickly for breaking in.

Breaking the Door

When it comes down to choosing between breaking a window glass and breaking a door by kicking it, burglars opt for the latter. Breaking the door makes less noise than broken glass. Moreover, shattered pieces of broken glass also increase the risk of hurting burglars.

Aiming for Least Visible Houses

Burglars never like to draw attention to themselves and Homes on the corner of the street may be easily missed. Burglars typically target homes in the middle of the street due to minimal exposure. However, burglars are more likely to target apartment buildings to attack cornered apartments given the abundance of exits.

Targeting Homes with Valuables

Burglars may have no interest in who you are. However, they certainly have much interest in what you have. If you have valuables at home and do not pay much attention to locking your doors, burglars are likelier to plan a robbery at your place.

How to Prevent Break-ins?

You can safeguard the safety of your home by taking a few important precautions to prevent break-in situations. You can get assistance by speaking with a local expert locksmith.

Check Your Locks

Locking the main doors and leaving the rest open may quickly attract burglars to your house. You may always check your home’s entrances and ensure they are locked during the day and the night. If you need assistance, you can locate residential locksmiths in your area to repair your door locks.

Install Security Systems

Installing a robust security system at your home can immediately buzz the alarm when a burglar tries to break in. You may consult a professional locksmith to choose the most effective security system for your home to prevent burglary attempts.

Install Cameras in Hidden Spots

Burglars quickly locate the cameras installed at your house and find ways to surpass them. If you lose the link to your security cameras, you may not be able to identify how burglars breached your place. Installing cameras in hidden spots can help you track burglars while away.

How Can a Locksmith Help?

Most people tend to call locksmiths after an unfortunate incident at home. Not many may know, but a professional locksmith in your area may offer you helpful advice on taking preventive steps to avoid burglaries. In order to prevent any future burglaries, refer to this information in order to assess your home’s door locks and problematic entrances. You can carefully assess any weak points outside your home that might make it easier for burglars to break in.