What is NordLocker?

There are two things you need to think about applying to your digital existence today if you are a regular device and internet user, which the majority of people on planet Earth are (about five billion of us). This is good cloud storage and encryption. Not only do regular people need these features, but organizations especially. Cloud storage has become the norm nowadays, with every modern device out there offering it as a standard for backing up all of the data on your device. Backing up dozens or hundreds of gigabytes of data locally on a hard disk is quite time-consuming and tedious and would take up all of the space there is.

This is why, today, uploading a “mirror” image or backup of your data regularly to a remote “cloud” is so popular. It is the newfangled way to store data. Most modern devices do this automatically, so you may have not even noticed that your iPhone or Android smartphone is being synced to a proprietary cloud such as iCloud or an Android cloud. This is essential if you want to restore all of your data to a new device, or simply because not having a backup of your data can cause a lot of stress and pain.

Where cloud storage and encryption are concerned, no other program is like Nord Security’s NordLocker. It really is its own app. Nord Security is the same company that offers the famous NordVPN virtual private network app, the NordPass password manager, and more.

NordLocker is an excellent option for those looking for a unique mix of efficient online backups, sharing features as well as protection, especially if you want to stay away from the mainstream. Let’s first look at what cloud storage and encryption are, followed by an overview of why you should get NordLocker right now! Especially since Black Friday weekend sales are coming up, you should check to see if you can grab NordLocker at a discounted price!

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a method of storing files off-disk. You need an internet connection to do this, without which it will not be possible to upload anything to a cloud. There are several companies out there that offer consumer cloud storage, as well as enterprise cloud storage. For instance, all of the apps we use are stored somewhere either on a giant Amazon AWS cloud or possibly a Microsoft Azure cloud. After all, the cloud seems to be the future of computing!

A cloud is simply a bunch of hardware servers located somewhere that store data. Big companies have huge server rooms where they store countless terabytes of data. In the case of NordLocker, the data you upload through the app will go to Nord’s servers where your data and other people’s data will be stored on a physical server. If data was still stored the old-fashioned way, organizations would have to rent an entire city block to store their data. With cloud storage, they can “outsource” the maintenance of their data to someone else while focusing on more important things.

Perhaps the only issue with cloud storage is that you are entrusting your data to others which means that, if they have technical problems or are hacked, your data is compromised. However, just think about file sizes today. Modern smartphones have high-resolution cameras where image file sizes soar, not to mention app data and other backups. What about videos, TV shows, music, and all the rest a regular consumer needs to back up? This simply will not fit practically on your local disk. You could, in theory, buy several external disks to back up your data physically however most people prefer the convenience of the cloud – and have to entrust the company to keep their data safe and whole.

What Are Encrypted Files?

File encryption is another matter, entirely. This is when you want to obfuscate your files with an algorithm that randomizes the file structure so others cannot view or access it. For instance, NordLocker uses high-grade encryption to make any hacking or file access practically impossible. Modern devices such as computers with Windows 10/11, OSX devices, or modern smartphones can encrypt all of the data on your disk. This makes cyberattacks very difficult for hackers.

Ideally, encrypting files means only you have the key that will un-encrypt them, or unlock them. No one else should have the master key or master password that does this.

About NordLocker

Simply put, NordLocker combines encryption and cloud storage. What separates NordLocker is that it is essentially a specialized file encryption software that doubles as a cloud storage service (like Mega, Dropbox, or Google One). This means you upload your files to Nord Security’s private cloud which are then encrypted with military-grade codes. You can even share your “locker” with others, which makes NordLocker even more unique than its competitors.

Here are NordLocker’s other features;

  • Easy and clean installation
  • Files can be synchronized across multiple platforms
  • Convenient drag-and-drop system
  • The ability to share your locker with other users
  • AES 256-bit high-grade file encryption security
  • A free account allows users to store up to 3GB of data
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service

NordLocker comes in free, 500GB, and 2TB (terabyte) versions. Apart from the free version, 500GB costs eight dollars a month, while the 2TB version is twenty dollars a month.

However, do remember that Nord Security will collect the following information about you for using NordLocker;

  • Email address
  • Payment data
  • Country
  • IP Address
  • OS
  • Browser cookies
  • Diagnostics

This data is then shared with a few third parties such as Zendesk Inc., Google, Twilio Inc., and Iterable Inc.

At the end of the day, NordLocker is a good, clean, and practical option to both encrypt and upload big files so you don’t have to think about them anymore. If you are very sensitive to privacy breaches, keep in mind that storing your data locally on an offline disk is always the most private solution.