What Are the Best OKR Options Businesses Can Use Today?

Objectives and Key results framework has gained popularity in small and large businesses as it aligns all departments to a common goal. The methodology has been tested and proven to improve performance, enhance communication, and help quickly achieve organizational objectives.

Notable tech companies such as Google and Amazon rely on the framework for their progress and success. Modern technology has facilitated the development of OKRS software that comes with different features and performance levels.

So before you incorporate and implement the OKRs software, you need to make the following considerations.

The Software’s Usability

Before deciding on the OKRs software to purchase, you should check whether it is a consumer-grade. This means that the software should be accessible, engaging, and simple to everyone, especially if you implement it for the first time. In this case, you should scrutinize your preferred OKRs’ functionalities and features.

The Time It Takes To Implement

It would be best to choose plug-and-play software that does not take much of your time to implement. Normally, the best software takes less than two months to implement. If you come across software with less implementation time, you need to understand the mechanism and the difference with other software that takes longer.

Simple to Check-In and Track

One of the main reasons you will need to implement OKRs software is to enable the manager to track every department team and individual employees’ progress.

Therefore, you need to choose software that provides super-easy features to track your teams all the time. The feedback provided through this functionality helps the managers to identify every aspect’s progress and make swift and timely improvements.

Provide Simple Visualization

Alignment is a critical aspect in OKRs and should spread throughout the functions. Therefore, the software you choose should provide easy-to-understand visualization of all the alignments through percentages or graphs.

It would be best if you learned to use these features to understand progress and learn every person’s contribution towards their objectives.

After making these considerations, it is necessary to consider any of the following OKR examples.

Top OKR Examples

The Timely Software

This OKR software helps you track all your organization’s activities while analyzing the performance against KPIs and essential metrics. With Timely, you can track all the projects, expenses and connect with your team in real-time. Timely’s key features include Fill Timesheets, which help you fill different timesheets and note employee productivity.

Lattice OKR Software

It is cloud-based software that plays a significant role in managing your organization’s performance and engages remote teams. Besides, it has an inbuilt review system that engages all stakeholders and provides instant feedback. Its key features include the praise wall that helps you recognize performing employees.

Koan OKR Software

The software helps in progress tracking, business strategy, and goal management. KoaN is known for its tree view feature that helps you track the alignment and relationship between the goals and the key results in every department.

Ensure you make an informed decision when purchasing your OKRs software. Your choice should be the most suitable to deal with the unique situation in your company.