What Do You Need When Creating a Website?

While you are surfing the internet, you can remember the question “Can I create a website too?”, or those who are interested in this field can think that “I would also include the following on the site.” can make such assessments. If you think that social media platforms are not enough to share your experiences, or if you want more people to get your content, you can also create a website.

You can have many reasons for having a website. Some of these are to get income related to your business activities, share your content with people or earn money by advertising. You can start the website setup process with a domain inquiry. In the end, you will see that creating a website is not as difficult as you might expect.

It is possible to have a website even within 1 hour after following the necessary steps.

First of all, you need to make a domain inquiry to create a website. You need hosting and scripts as we mentioned above.

Domain Inquiry and Determination

The first thing to consider in website setup activities is to purchase a memorable domain name. You need to have knowledge about the process to do it. First of all, you should check whether the domain name you are considering for your website is idle by doing a domain query. You can follow the procedure below for domain inquiry and determination:

  • Choose a reliable domain authority.
  • Find the domain checker tool.
  • Query your chosen domain from this search engine.
  • Choose the best option available.
  • Ensure that the registration process is completed by purchasing the domain you have specified.

Confirm the domain address.

We recommend that you consider some tips before purchasing a domain. You can also benefit from free domain inquiry and domain purchase services by working with a hosting company where you will receive annual or longer service. It will be in your interest in the future if the domain name you want to set has one of the following extensions:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .xyz
  • .info
  • .online
  • .site
  • .shop
  • .store
  • .space
  • .website
  • .tech

Domain Search Tool

There are many platforms that you can use as a Domain Search tool. You can perform domain inquiries by using these channels. The name of your website is one of the things that your visitors will pay attention to. For this reason, we recommend that you consider the following recommendations before querying the domain:

  1. Do very good research. Before you search for a domain, you need to know what your potential audience expects from your website. You can increase your chances of success in your sector activities with a domain name suitable for your keywords or search terms. You should consider that a domain name with keywords is also very important in terms of SEO.
  2. Choose a domain name that people will remember. A domain name that is as short as possible and suitable for your activities will be remembered by people easily. In this sense, when querying domains, stay away from long and difficult-to-remember domain names.
  3. Select as many domains as possible with the “.com” domain extension. Today, the most widely used domain names with a strong position have the “.com” extension. In addition, it is worth noting that domain names with the “.com” extension are easier to remember.
  4. Consider trademark and patent infringement. If you buy a popular domain with a brand history, you may encounter a patent infringement problem. Take this into consideration when querying the domain.
  5. Avoid numbers and dashes. Numbers and hyphens can be more harmful in some cases. For example, (0) written as a number and a letter (o) can be confused with each other. In addition, the hyphen will also create confusion.
  6. Evaluate alternatives. You can also query the close alternatives of the domain name you have in mind during the domain inquiry process. In this way, you can have the closest domain name to the domain name you have in mind.
  7. Research social media platforms. After having the necessary knowledge about domain inquiry and domain determination, do research on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Even if you do not have a business with these platforms in the first place, you can consider the possibility of operating in this field in the future with the domain you have determined.
  8. Make long-term plans. You should not start this business with short-term thoughts when determining a domain name. Domain addresses are long-term investments. When you think about the future, you can be sure that you will run your website much more functionally.
  9. Feel free to discuss your ideas. You can discuss with people whose opinions you value to determine the right domain. You can reach the most accurate result with the conversations you will make.


Domain Purchase

You can practically purchase a domain name after determining the correct domain name with the domain inquiry process. You must find an ICANN-authorized registrar to make the purchase. You can meet all your requirements with Atakdomain.com/en. The price of the domain name you choose may vary depending on its extension. After completing the domain inquiry process, you can add it to the cart. You can finalize the domain purchase by completing the necessary payment steps.

You can access the domain query tool here: https://www.atakdomain.com/en/domain-name-search

You will be directed to the control panel by the system after paying the domain fee. In this panel, you can find the setup box used to complete the domain registration. In this panel, you can check the accuracy of the information entered when purchasing a domain. After this step, the information you enter is saved in the domain ownership database called WHOIS. After the registration in question, the domain will be completely yours.

A new domain name address is requested to be approved in the last step of the domain purchase process. For this process, you must use the e-mail address you registered with the system. Domain setup is completed in a few minutes.

If the installation completion process fails, you can submit your request to the control panel again. It will be in your best interest to do this check as soon as possible. If you have more than 15 days for checking, the system may temporarily suspend your registration. When you complete the steps that you started with domain inquiry with domain name checks and follow each step meticulously, you can start using the domain name without any problems.

Most Reliable Domain Brand

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The domain is a very important concept not only for opening a website but also for brand value. In fact, we can say that domain name trade has reached an important dimension in our country and in the world. The information that domain sales are performed with figures reaching millions of dollars is shared with the public in the statements made by certain media organs every year. In fact, it is striking that a domain name purchased at a low price is sold at very high prices after a few years of development activities. This leads to making more interesting for this field. In particular, the number of companies engaged in domain trading has obtained significant numbers.

You can see that there are many companies operating in the world to purchase and sell domains. Significant progress has been obtained in this sector in our country as well. In this context, we can say that there is a serious market in our country and in the world. It is considered that this market will develop further in the next period.

You can easily perform your domain inquiry and domain purchase through atakdomain.com. You can be sure that you will be satisfied with the service you will receive with Atakdomain.com, where you will find safe and quality service together. If you do not want to have problems in terms of security, efficiency and functionality in your website activities, meet Atak Domain!