What is Spotify connect and how to get it

Spotify music streaming service is a growing music hub with millions (217million) of active users globally. The app offers a wide variety of your favorite songs and chances to compile your playlist. It the best and largest music streaming app with exclusive features for all. Spotify allows users to listen to music through their smartphone apps without any restrictions. For music artists, they can build a career and fame from Spotify. The platform connects fans and artists, your audience can comment, like, follow, share, or play your music, which promotes you to the top of Spotify playlist. There are various ways to get an audience who can play your music more and help you rank high. Artists can buy Spotify plays or use social media to get more people to listen to their music.

Since Spotify is not restricted, one can use Spotify Connect to listen to music via WI-FI to any device in their homes? What is Spotify Connect? These are simple ways to connect Spotify using wireless speakers, voice control smart speakers’ soundbar, and AV receiver. Spotify connects the privilege to enjoy music on any compatible device anywhere. The process doesn’t require any Bluetooth pairing anytime you need to listen to music.

The Spotify Connect is also designed to play music directly from Spotify servers to the device. No smartphone apps are required, which is excellent as you can use your phone for other activities. The smartphone is only used to identify speakers and the control music playback. Now you can enjoy music anywhere with the best quality of 320kbps the best offer from Spotify.

How does Spotify connect work?

Spotify connects only works via WI-FI; it searches for devices connected to the same WI-FI networks. The service links to the devices wirelessly and streams music directly from Spotify servers. To use the Spotify connect to listen to music, you require a smartphone or smart device. Download the Spotify app; next, your Spotify should be premium subscription. However, there are some devices which work with the Spotify free though very few. Once you download, you need the right devices such as speakers or amp, which supports Spotify connect?  You can use products such as smart speakers, streamers, smart displays, wireless speakers, etc.

Note Spotify connect works with one device at a time, unless there are different systems in different rooms. ¬†Spotify users should have the premium Spotify to enjoy the benefits of Spotify connect. Here no ads to distract your music, unlike the free Spotify. You don’t need the phone app to stream music or pair just the right device using the same WI-FI.

How to setup Spotify connect?

  • First, download the latest version of the Spotify app on your device.
  • Next, ensure all products are connected to the same WI-FI network.
  • Proceed and launch Spotify on your device, log in using your details, and select the song of choice.
  • Now click the option “now playing,” followed by “devices.”
  • The system will show devices connected to WI-FI and which can play from Spotify.
  • Select the product once you click the text will change from white to green. Now the music will play on the device.
  • If you’re using Spotify connect feature to listen to music from different smartphones, ensure all devices are using the same Spotify account.

For desktop users, select the option “connect to a device,” it will display all the devices. Choose one, and the system will control the rest of the process. Spotify connect doesn’t skip any song unless directed but provides quality music compared to other connections such as Bluetooth.