What is the Casino Rewards Group?

In 1638, Europe was first introduced to the concept of a casino, when Il Ridotto opened its doors in Venice. The goal of the Private Room was to provide a safe, controlled and regulated gambling environment and was met with huge success. The popularity of Il Ridotto led to the concept of the casino spreading throughout Europe (and the world). In other words, Ill Ridotto had completely changed the gambling world from before, and the one to come.

Just like the first casino rose up to supplant the backlots, gambling dens, and card rooms from before, so too is the traditional, land-based casino being supplanted now. In the late 90s and early 2000s, when the internet was getting traction among the mainstream, the first online gambling sites began to appear. It started out with online poker rooms, and soon other games began to be implemented, forming the first online casinos. Though two decades have passed since the concept is still new in people’s eyes.

So What Are Online Casinos?

Online casinos are exactly what they sound like. Websites which, usually, can be accessed through any electronic device, with which one can register an account, and play a number of the most popular (and some less popular) casino games from the comfort of home, the commute to work, a coffee shop, or restaurant.

Among the first and most popular online casino websites is the Casino Rewards Group. So, let us take a moment to discuss what the Casino Rewards Group is and how it works.

What is the Casino Rewards Group?

The Casino Rewards Group (CRG henceforth in this article) was founded in 1999, at the dawn of the new millennia. The importance of the CRG in the world of electronic gambling cannot be understated. They were among the first providers of online casinos and were fully dedicated to a single software. Taking a look at this list of Casino Rewards casinos, one can find a couple dozen casinos and a couple of poker rooms as well. The CRG has a dedicated user base numbering in the tens of millions.

The group offers welcome bonuses, as well as a number of playing bonuses. On top of that, their casinos tend to be generous to their users, and are all properly licensed and regulated by some of the best authorities in the field.

Some of the Workings of CRG

One of the practices that the Casino Rewards Group is best known for is its advanced affiliate program. They offer a referral, granting $50 to a new affiliate. Apart from this, the CRG offers quite a few bonuses to new users. Some of the most popular ones include a 100% match bonus. They also offer quite a few deposit bonuses and signup promotions.

Where are they now?

The Casino Rewards Group has been around since 1999, and has been going strong since. In 2015, the company Apollo Entertainment Limited opened its doors, and a year later, the CRG handed management over to the company. Since then, Apollo Entertainment Limited has been working as business advisor for the company, which is run by its two CEOs.

Final Thoughts

The latest development in the gambling industry is the online casino, which has begun to supplant the traditional, land-based casinos that once were so popular. The start of the 21st century was when online casinos began to gain prominence, and have since risen drastically in popularity and success.

Among these gambling websites, one of the first and most important was the Casino Rewards Group, which still is going strong today. The Group offers dozens of casinos and a couple of poker rooms, as well as a good deal of bonuses and promotions for new and seasoned players alike.