What to do, in case USPS lost your package – Find out here!

Let’s be honest, the reputation of USPS isn’t the greatest, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use this service. No! It can always happen that a package goes missing, but this doesn’t mean a postal service is better than another one. Luckily there are a few ways to determine if your package sent by USPS is lost and different ways of dealing with this issue. Here we will cover all the questions that you have!

USPS lost your package? Always track your parcel!

The first and most important tip is to prevent this issue from coming up! If you buy something or someone wants to send you a package – always use an option with a tracking number. Let it be USPS, FedEx, or DHL – whatever it is, all of these companies have an option with a tracking number. Sometimes shipping just takes a bit longer, and before you think your package is lost, you have the option to track it. Another helpful tip that prevents the stress of potentially losing the parcel, is to use a secure option. So, even if USPS lost your package, you are insured and will get the value of this package back in the form of money. Yes, all of these options come with a price tag, they are more expensive than the traditional way to send packages, but it is worth it!

Is your package lost?

You aren’t sure if your USPS package is lost? If so, we recommend tracking your package. Especially during the pandemic, but also around particular holidays like Christmas, it can be challenging to predict if a parcel is lost or just delayed. During these times, USPS and many other companies have issues with deliveries; that’s why we recommend tracking your package and having patience. Before calling USPS or filing a claim, wait a few days longer and see if the package arrives.

If you haven’t checked your tracking number, we recommend you do that first. Here you can see exactly where your package is and why it takes longer (for example, if it has to go through customs). USPS also usually provides an estimated delivery date and even gives you the information if it is delayed.

In case your package is lost – File a claim!

You’ve tracked your package, it has been a long time, and you are sure that the package is lost? If this is the case, then we recommend filing a claim. You can do that easily online on the USPS website. Here you need to use your information and the tracking number to file a claim. This is the same procedure as in cases of a stolen or broken package. That’s why you must write down the reason for your claim. Unfortunately, this option is only available if you choose insurance for your package. If not, the package is lost, and you won’t get the amount of money back that the package was worth. This is another great reason why you should always choose insurance, especially for expensive packages!

We hope this article helped you to either file a claim or find your USPS package. Don’t forget that preventing this issue is the best option; that’s why we highly recommend always choosing the insured option. This way you can at least get your money back!