When Will Every Game Be Available On Mobile?

Mobile games seem to have taken over the gaming market in the past decade; understandably, many people don’t have time to sit in front of a PC for half the day just playing games. People are busy, especially those of us who are casual gamers. For professional esports, it is a different story. But even with the implosion of mobile gaming, there are some games that are not available on mobiles or are just not compatible with mobiles. This may be hard to believe, considering that over 478 000 mobile games are out there.

Most Popular Mobile Games

  • PUBG (highest mobile revenue) – PUBG is not only one of the most popular games but also the most-grossing game on the market. In 2022 the game generated over $2 billion.
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (popular for a long time) – this game remains at peak popularity because it has depth and is very challenging. The developers keep updating it to appeal to both veteran players and newcomers. There are more casual modes, and the game is also free-to-play.
  • Slay the Spire (new category) – even though this game was released in 2019, it is still considered new compared to other titles. The cards keep changing, your powers and skills evolve, and you are not sure what you will get every time you press New Game.
  • Subway surfer (most downloaded) – the simplicity of this game makes it appealing, and it’s one to play on a train ride home or in the bathroom. Run, jump, collect coins and don’t crash. It is not surprising it had 82 million downloads in the year 2022.
  • Dead Cells (best graphics) – this game has won several awards since its release, and deservedly so. It is a 2D game with 60FPS mode, which provides stellar graphics and motion. Its included in the Play Pass subscription, or you can buy it as a stand-alone for $8.99

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Online Blackjack and Other Casino Games

Online blackjack, poker and slots are all part of the gaming sector within the casino games category. Online casinos have made it easy for players to find the best online blackjack casinos and games through the development of mobile applications. Online casinos have even created bonuses for mobile users, encouraging people to download casino apps or use the site.

Did you know that casino and card games have the longest average time per session within the mobile gaming category? They have an average of 22 minutes, while other games average 4 min and 30 seconds per session. Makes sense when you consider how long a round of poker can take you, or the spin of the roulette, for that matter. Slots are the worst because you just keep on spinning and spinning especially if you are winning.

Interesting Stats

  • In 2020, gamers worldwide generated $159 billion in sales revenue for the gaming industry. The number of gamers worldwide is estimated at 2.7 billion that year.
  • Though not surprising, it is interesting to see that 55% of global gamers are from southeast Asia. Explains why the Esports market is booming in Asia and has the fastest-growing number of gamers.
  • More than any other generation, 90% of millennials prefer to play games on their mobiles rather than a PC or laptop.
  • Gaming has positively impacted people’s social skills, especially those who play multiplayer games.
  • Over half of gamers (58.86%) prefer playing casual games. For example, Reign, Super Mario and CandyCrush.

Games Not Available on Mobile

Unfortunately, there is still a high number of games not available on mobile platforms, primarily due to the software and hardware requirements of the game itself. Games like Destiny 2 and RimWorld also require vast amounts of RAM, which an ordinary mobile phone running on iOS or Android cannot possibly have.

Mobile phones are designed specifically for gaming, such as Asus ROG 6, Nubia Red magic 7S and Poco X4 Pro 5G. These phones have long battery life and massive storage, sometimes up to 1TB. Most have a minimum display screen of 6.7 inches and a peak refresh rate of 120Hz or more.

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In Closing

It is highly unlikely we will have every game available on mobile; besides the hardware and storage space issue, it would kill off specific markets. Gaming platforms such as Playstation and Xbox would become redundant if you could play God of War just as well on your phone as you do on them. Then there is also the issue of graphics and sound, most PC exclusives and those on gaming platforms require HD screens at very high-resolution, something your phone can’t have, and the clarity of the images would not be the same.

The base limit for gaming developers developing a 3D game is 1920×1080, and some smartphones can’t match that. All these factors would have an impact on the gaming experience.