Which Gaming Headphones should you consider buying?

When it comes to PC gaming is one of the most enjoyable types of gaming. Why? Because you can build an entire rig to exactly what you want – from the graphic cards to the sound card, processor to the type of fan or cooling system. They can easily become a work of art.

Even a basic gaming PC will usually have everything you need to have a great gaming experience.

And then comes the peripherals. The keyboard, the mouse, the mouse mat, the gaming pads like the Tartarus, and of course, the headphones.

Choosing the wrong headphones is a gamer’s nightmare. You log into Discord, and your team tells you that you sound like you’re underwater, or worse – a pilot on a plane. Or you put your headphones on to play slots on Virgin Games, or load up LoL – only to find that the sound is scratchy.

It’s a sad time all around when your headphones aren’t great.

So what gaming headphones should you be taking a look at and why?

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless
If you need to run to make a drink or answer the door, wired headphones are going to have you all messed up at the desk. Wireless headphones are usually better if there is any chance you are going to be interrupted or like to move around once in a while gaming.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless headphones are highly recommended and often top-rated when it comes to wireless headphones.

You can’t find much better in terms of battery. They are perfect for gaming sounds or music (or both) and extremely comfortable.

The one catch is that the microphone isn’t always as clear as you might like, and it’s not the best set if you like it turned up to 11 (read as, it doesn’t have much in the way high volume).

They’ll run you about $150 for the wireless, but the wired ones are cheaper.

Beyerdynamics MMX 100
Although Beyerdynamics have other gaming headsets, they don’t typically make a list of recommendations. The MMX 100’s are great all-rounders, and perhaps the best thing is that they are perfect for long gaming sessions.

They are comfortably padded, lightweight and barely detectable (if any) muddiness. What makes them even more stand-out is that all the mids and highs are tac sharp – so depending on the game you’re playing, you’re going to be able to locate people, batteries and creeps in the dark.

It is one of the most comfortable headsets on the list, but the price is almost unbeatable at less than $100.

Corsair HS80 RGB
Another wireless wonder is the Corsair HS80 RGB, the floating headband design is comfortable and nice to look at, and the Dolby Atmos Hi-Res Audio is fantastic. The one catch is that they do feel bulky when they are on your head and might take some getting used to.

The mic is quite imposing, too, but the output is great to the point where it might overtake any work microphones that you are currently using.

The spatial audio of the HS80 is a revelation and means that players can get the most accurate positioning, and for first-person shooters, this is critical.

A nice touch is that an automatic license comes with the headphones, so games that support Dolby Atmos will offer an unrivalled sound. You can grab these for around $150.

Razer BlackShark V2
If you have already got a few Razer products, the chances are there would be nothing else you’d rather use. They are known for consistently good products that are designed by gamers for gamers (just like their tagline says).

The BlackShark V2 really falls down against some of the others on the list because they are wired – and that is always annoying to deal with. Another big no-no is that, unlike the Razer Kraken, the mic doesn’t detract.

However, the noise cancelling is well above average, and the audio and voice output are incredible.

When you plug the headset in, the drivers are there and ready to go; they are very easy to set up and offer you some level of adjustment. The sounds from the Razer BlackShark V2 are ultra-rich, in some cases a bit too rich.

For example, the higher frequencies do have some mild separation – but you’ll forgive that because the bass notes are velvety and rich.

Another plus point is that the Razer BlackShark V2 has one of the simplest designs, and because of that, they are easy to wear for hours and hours of gaming.

Because the padding and the shape mean they aren’t heavy, and you won’t feel fatigued after a couple of hours.

The Razer BlackShark V2 offers a deep listening experience, whether it is just music or it is gaming, and unlike many other headphones, there is nothing tinny about them. The audio comes through warm and deep, and what’s more, they are often found at under $100.

Before you commit to any set of headphones, always try to head to a store and listen to music when you can – it’s the only way to tell if they are the right set for you!