Why Having a Unique Email Signature Will Benefit You

Repetition is retention. That’s why marketers are always, always looking for new ways to get their business name out into the world in as many places and as many times as possible. As it is, the email signature is often a piece of real estate that business owners miss out on.

If you’re aiming to hit the ball out of the park every time you write an email, then your signature is the follow-through to that perfect swing.

Your signature rounds out every email with your brand personality and values, and it can work magic in transforming correspondents into loyal clients. Here are three reasons why:

Your signature is part of your branding.

Just as you take every opportunity in real life to connect to potential customers, so should you maximize the available space in online correspondence to reinforce your business name in the client’s mind. If you need some help check out the best electronic signature software.

Emails aren’t like website copy. It’s you and your client having conversations in blocks of black and white text, and this does not quite allow for the visual treats that show off your branding on your site.

That’s where your signature comes in. A pop of color courtesy of your business letterhead or company logo can be just what you need to make a memorable impression on a client in a simple email exchange. Free Logo Creator let’s you create and download a free version of the logo you create that is perfect for use in signatures.

A well-thought out signature strengthens your online presence.

Whenever you send a message, you’re sure to craft your words with care, so don’t leave all that hard work hanging by just signing off with a generic farewell and your name typed out in the default email font.

Having a signature makes your outgoing communication look and feel professional. It demonstrates to the customer that you took the time to pay attention to this smallest of details and you know every little element counts.

It also makes them feel like they’re entering into a professional transaction with your company, not just having a conversation with someone in your office casually answering emails.

It’s another tool to promote your services.

Of course, your client knows how to get in touch with you if you’re already exchanging emails, but this shouldn’t be the only way for the client to reach you.

Your email signature can be a way to open other avenues of communication or to direct your clients to other products or services you can offer them. Provide a link to your website, newsletter or product, or where to follow you on social media to get more of your stuff.

Don’t forget to measure the traffic you get from your email signature and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

Signatures work best when they are clean, concise, and functional. If you want to use an image, you can make a logo, but make sure to encode it properly in HTML and provide alternate text.

Take care not to overload this section—it’s only supposed to be a short and sweet reminder of who you are and what your business can do, not an entire media kit after every email.

A unique email signature means you hold your customers’ precious attention down to the very last minute. Sign off with a bang, and leave them waiting eagerly for their next correspondence with you.

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