Why is using a VPN a must for Streaming in India in 2023?

The likelihood is that you have run across the word “VPN” if you have spent any time online.

Like many other countries, India has seen a sharp rise in the use of streaming services. Because of having a large population, viewers turn to services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar, this results in the growth of these platforms. Nevertheless, many of these services are not accessible in India because of geo-restrictions. At this point, utilising a VPN is essential.

If you haven’t, don’t worry; we’ll explain everything you need to know about VPNs and why utilising one is something that everyone can gain from. A virtual private network is what the acronym VPN stands for, to start. They function by offering device users an encrypted network connection, enabling you to browse the web while hiding your IP address and other connection information.

The popularity of streaming services in India is reportedly rising quickly and there are a number of amazing streaming platforms available, according to CrazyStreamers, a well-known streaming guide for users around the globe including India. Yet, many consumers are unable to access their preferred streaming services because of geo-restrictions.

Reason to Use VPN when Streaming in India

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Let’s get started with the six main reasons why you should always use a VPN when streaming in India to your favourite TV episodes, movies, games, and other content.

1. Unlock Geo-Blocked Libraries and Content

One of the main advantages of using a VPN when streaming in India is being able to access geo-restricted libraries and content, as was already discussed. While using streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, or Prime Video, your location may have an impact on the material you can access or download.

This implies that if you don’t use a VPN, you could be losing out on thousands of geo-restricted movies that aren’t streamable in India.

2. Secure Streaming On Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks can literally save your life in many situations, but they also come with a significant amount of risks. It’s crucial to remember that public Wi-Fi networks are frequently insecure, which means that your connection may be visible to outside observers in India if you enjoy watching your favourite TV shows while sipping a hot beverage at your neighbourhood cafe with free Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, all of your data is encrypted when you visit the web using a device with a VPN installed, making you less susceptible to encountering cybercrimes. To keep your data safe and private while watching your preferred entertainment on the road over a public Wi-Fi network, make sure you always connect to a VPN.

3. Enhanced Speed and Loading Times

We’ve all experienced the situation where you’re eager to watch the most recent episode of your new favourite TV show in India but are let down by slow streaming, choppy buffering, and lengthy loading times.

This issue can frequently be made worse by bandwidth issues as your ISP begins to throttle your connection rates. Nobody loves to be let down, but happily, a VPN may help you simply get over this typical problem.

4. Broaden Your Streaming Horizons

BBC iPlayer, Peacock, Hulu, and others are country-locked, unlike Netflix and Disney+. This may not seem like a big concern, but when you travel abroad and your favourite streaming service is blocked due to your geolocation, it may be a genuine nuisance.

A VPN is the easiest way to circumvent this. You may still watch your favourite TV episodes, movies, gaming streams, and more while on a work trip or vacation.

5. Eliminate Privacy Concerns

Privacy matters regardless of streaming service. Most services capture session and browsing data, placing your sensitive data at danger of being leaked. Many people don’t have the time or patience to read a service’s privacy policy before using it.

How can you stream your favourite content without privacy concerns? Simply use a VPN to protect your data and online activities.

6. Protect Your Device From Malware

Malware on your gadget is the worst. Malware, which includes viruses, worms, trojans, and other harmful software, is used by cybercriminals and hackers to cause havoc and steal your data.

Malware infected over 89.93% of BBC iPlayer and Netflix subscribers. Downloading from Torrent or streaming on unregulated websites worsens the issue.

Benefits of using a VPN in India

One of the best things about using a VPN in India is that you can access content that is not available in the Country. Due to licence agreements, India cannot access Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, BBC iPlayer, and others. You can access stuff that might otherwise be unavailable by connecting to a VPN server in a different country.

But that’s not the only good thing about using a VPN. Since your ISP can not throttle your streaming speed, a VPN lets you stream faster. This helps people in India, where internet speeds are poor and unreliable.

Additionally, having a VPN adds another degree of security by encrypting your internet traffic, which makes it more difficult for hackers and other harmful parties to access your data.

Difference between Paid and Unpaid VPN

It’s important to remember that not all VPNs are the same. Free VPNs, for example, are sometimes unstable and may even compromise your privacy by collecting data about you and selling it to outside advertisers.

On the other hand, paid VPNs provide superior security and privacy features in addition to quicker speeds and more dependable connections.


In conclusion, Indian streaming enthusiasts experiencing geo-restrictions must use a VPN. It unlocks geo-restricted material and improves streaming performance and security. For maximum privacy and security, consider a paid VPN service with stable connections, strong encryption, and no logs. Why wait? Buy a VPN today and stream freely!