The Rise of Mobile Gaming in 2023

Mobile gaming represents one of the most profitable sectors across the world. A fact that really surprised experts who followed the trajectory of the gaming industry because mobile gaming came into existence with the rise of mobile apps and the advent of smartphones.

In less than two decades, mobile gaming became responsible for over 50% of the entire revenue of the gaming sector. That says a lot about the dominance of mobile gaming and what we can expect from the sector in the future.

But what are the main factors which prompted the rise of this industry? Here we will explore the main reasons for the rise of mobile gaming below and cover the primary factors which propelled its popularity.

Accessible Mobile Games 

One of the main reasons for the rise of mobile gaming was the accessibility of its gaming selection. It wasn’t difficult or even inconvenient for anyone to engage in mobile gaming, even if they’re casual users or haven’t played a video game before.

That cannot be said for video games. Since you need a good computer or gaming console in order to play video games, and in most cases, you would need to purchase the titles. The situation, however, was completely different for mobile games.

Because mobile games have been available on Android and Apple mobile devices since the beginning, there were different titles that were designed to appeal to serious gamers, but mostly mobile users saw mobile games as a way to pass the time.

For this reason, the gaming sector was democratized in the way that many independent developers got involved and started to create new and innovative mobile games. As a result, the number of mobile games which were available increased significantly and surpassed the number of video games in some categories. There were more opportunities for independent developers to compete on the Google Play store and the App Store.

Variety of Mobile Games

Because there is a spike in the number of developers that are involved in the mobile gaming market, the mobile gaming collection there are over 477,877 mobile games from many genres, and the number will only continue to increase in the future.

Therefore, you get to choose from any game that you would like to play, including puzzles, board games, action games, multiplayer games, and many other choices. There are even games of chance that are optimized for mobile devices, and you can register on a mobile-friendly online casino real money, where you will be able to play mobile casino games that cover everything from slot games to blackjack, poker, roulette and much more.


Affordability is another great reason for the success of mobile gaming. When we compare mobile games against video games or game console titles, mobile games are quite affordable. The production costs are lower, and that also reflects in the price.

Mobile games, in general, follow the business model of the App Store and Google Play store, where the developers are also paid based on the number of downloads. This is why there are free mobile games with some in-app purchases.

There are some games that are premium titles, and you’d have to buy the game upfront, but at the same time, there is a vastly higher number of mobile games that are available free of charge.

The average price of a mobile game is $0.80, while the average price of a video game is around $60. That is good enough proof of why anyone that’s remotely interested in gaming will choose to play mobile games over video games.


The other reason for its popularity is the convenience of mobile games. You can play practically any game on the go; many mobile titles are available free of charge on your device in just a couple of seconds.

Furthermore, you can always play some games offline. All these factors enhanced the accessibility of mobile games and expanded the demographics of mobile users that were interested in gaming. As a result, mobile gaming continued to rise in popularity and profitability, and that showed in its revenue in 2023.


In conclusion, mobile gaming continues to break new records with its huge audience of mobile users. It represents quite a successful sector with hundreds of different mobile games. The tech advances in mobile technology further expand the opportunities for game studious to create heftier titles or add innovative features to their games.