Why You Should Avoid Watching Movies on Smartphone

Most people would agree that watching a movie is a great way to relax and spend some down time to take your mind off of a stressful day. However, watching movies on your smartphone can actually be quite detrimental to your productivity and peace of mind. Whether you are traveling, or have access to streaming platforms like Netflix, or a free trial of Disney+, it is always a good idea to avoid watching movies on Smartphone. Here are some reasons why you should avoid watching movies on your smartphone regardless of the access you may have:


There are some dangers associated with watching movies on your smartphone. One such danger is that you can become distracted and not pay attention to what’s going on around you. This can be especially dangerous when you’re walking or driving. Another danger is that you can get so wrapped up in the movie that you forget to take care of yourself. For example, you might not eat or drink enough, or you might not get up to go to the bathroom.

Detriment to the Eyes

Watching videos on smartphones is bad for your eyes. Smartphones are designed to recreate reality in high definition – which can be quite harmful when you’re trying to watch something for an extended period of time. This is because watching videos on smartphones places additional strain on both the retina and the optic nerve, leading to temporary or even permanent damage. There are some guidelines for watching videos on smartphones. This includes only watching the video at 0.5x speed, using an app that limits blue light exposure, using a red-tinted cover to reduce strain on your eyes, and reducing screen brightness in dark settings .

Unavoidable Multitasking

Smartphones can cause unavoidable multitasking when it comes to movies or videos in general. You might find yourself texting friends or replying to text messages when you should be watching the movie. For example, if you have access to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, it’s likely that you will get sidetracked by looking at other people’s posts. Other examples of distractions include checking email notifications or text messages while watching videos on your smartphone. You run the risk of missing key scenes or even becoming focused on other things rather than what’s happening in front of you.

This can be especially dangerous when driving since keeping one eye off the road for an extended period of time can pose a danger to yourself and others around you.

Lowers Productivity

In addition to unavoidable multitasking, if you tend to watch movies on your Smartphone, the distractions don’t end there. It’s important to be aware, as they can pose a threat to your productivity, safety, and peace of mind. Even when you finish watching the movie, you may spend more time looking at social media posts than what is playing out before you; all of which is not good for productivity.

Smartphones are designed for productivity, not leisure. Watching movies on your smartphone may not be the best use of your time, as it can lower your productivity.


Using smartphones while watching videos can lead to burnout. It forces you to balance the visual stimulus of the movie with all the distractions coming from your device. In many cases, this reduces both incidences to low levels – which may force you to watch other things later on.

The overuse of smartphones can also lead to an increased risk of burnout for extended periods of use. This will not only lead to your smartphone screen becoming closer to your face, but it will also make it more difficult for you to use other devices.

Compromised Sound Quality

Watching a movie on your computer or TV provides better sound quality than what you get from a smartphone’s speakers or headphone jack. This is because the audio is coming from multiple sources, rather than just one. This results in a higher quality sound that is less likely to be distorted.

Since smartphones do not have great sound quality, the sound you get will be lacking and not as immersive.

Compromised Video Quality

Movies are meant to be viewed on a bigger screen. When you’re watching a movie on your smartphone, the experience is lacking in several ways. The resolution of the display, for one, makes it difficult to get immersed in what you’re watching. This is especially true if you’re watching something in HD. The small size of the screen also makes it hard to get a complete view of what’s going on in the movie.

Movies are best enjoyed on a big screen with great picture and sound quality. When you watch a movie on a smartphone, you’re not getting the full experience. You’re also not as engaged in the movie as you would be if you were watching it on a bigger screen.


When watching movies, it’s best to go big or not at all. Watching a movie on your smartphone is never the ideal way to watch one. If you’re going to watch a movie, do yourself a favor and watch it on your television or computer. With technology so advanced, you can even download apps like Netflix and Disney+ on your gaming consoles. It’ll be worth the extra effort when you get to watch an awesome film in the best quality possible.