Why You Should Invest In a Minecraft Server

Servers play a key role in multiplayer and online gaming. In most cases, players in different locations are able to connect to one another via servers. When two players on both on the same server, they can easily play a game together even if they’re in different parts of the globe. Minecraft is an especially popular title that utilizes this feature. In Minecraft, players can use their creativity to build a fully explorable world. They can even play in Survival Mode and face off against monsters and other threats. Sharing the world or worlds that you create with others is an essential aspect of Minecraft, and it’s why the game is so popular today. Sharing a Minecraft world can be done via remote virtual servers.

A server is necessary if you want to be able to play Minecraft with friends. You can run a local server on your computer, or you can work with a company like GGservers that’s able to provide you with a local server. Running a server yourself might seem like the cheapest option, but that isn’t always the case. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using an online server instead of hosting the service on your own device.

It’s the Most Cost Effective Option

As previously stated, it’s necessary to have a server if you want to enjoy Minecraft with your friends. When you host a server on your computer, you have to keep your computer running all day, every day. As you might expect, those costs can add up quickly. On average, a computer draws 500W of power when running a game server. If you’re keeping your computer on all day and paying 15c per kWh, costs will add up to almost $650 annually. Using a rental service is a far more affordable option when you add up all the costs.

You’ll Have a Better Network with Lower Latency

Hosting your own server isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s not something that just anyone will do. The speed and latency rate of your server will be determined by your internet service provider. Furthermore, servers use quite a bit of bandwidth. This can slow down your internet speeds, making it difficult for you to stream video, play games, and do other things online. When your Minecraft server is remotely hosted, you can trust that you won’t have delays or issues with lag. You’ll have a better experience with both Minecraft and with your home internet.

Your Server Will Always Be Available

When a server is hosted locally, your computer always needs to be running. Otherwise, it won’t be active. If your PC is shut down, the server will be disconnected, which will cause all players to be kicked. When you use a remote server that’s properly hosted, you’ll have constant uptime. Whenever someone wants to play Minecraft on the server, it will be available. Everyone you invite to the server will be able to enjoy the game at any time, day or night.