Wicked Audio Heist Earbuds Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
So how do these earbuds sound? You know for being under $20 I really was not expecting that much, but I was actually surprised. The Heist earbuds have a great sound to them, everything was very crisp and sound did not distort that much at higher volumes. I did notice that there was not a whole lot of bass like I was used to in more expensive earbuds that I have reviewed in the past.

The in-line audio connection works flawlessly. I connected a few different pairs of earbuds and headphones I had without any issues at all. Even when you plug them in there is no distortion or anything like that in the main set of earbuds. This is such a great feature, especially if you are say watching a movie on laptop.

The Heist are mainly made of plastic and the cable is not that heavy duty at all. While I had no issues with this during my review time with the Heist I could see cable tearing over time. This is definitely something you might want to consider when purchasing these earbuds.

No one can really complain about the price of these earbuds. Right now they are selling for $18.42 at my favorite retailer. At that price you are getting a good set of earbuds, three total ear covers and the ability to share your music with other people quite easily. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Wicked Audio Heist Earbuds a 9 out of 10 score.

– Price
– In-line 3.5mm audio connection
– Pretty good sound
– 3 sets of ear covers included

– Cable is not braided or heavy duty
– Not that impressive bass

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