Windows 10 Creators Update Could Force Windows Updates On Metered Connections

A wording change in the latest build of the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 might have some users on metered connections worried. In previous builds of the Creator’s Update the section of the license agreement pertaining to automatic updates said “updates will be downloaded and installed automatically, except over metered connections (where charges may apply).”

Now in the latest build, the wording has been changed to, “We’ll automatically download and install updates, except on metered connections (where changes may apply). In that case, we’ll automatically download only those updates required to keep Windows running smoothly.”


So this implies that critical updates may be pulled from a metered connection without user consent. Many critical updated come in the form of “Patch Tuesday” which often times comes to around 1GB it could get very expensive for someone on a metered connection where users pay by the gigabyte or worse.

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