Xbox Series X storage test gives a look at the next-gen console’s speeds

Xbox Series X’s initial impressions have been floating on the internet this week. Microsoft has sent preview units to a few tech outlets, and we’re getting to see a limited look at some of the capabilities of the next-gen console. The latest one is a storage test showing the speeds of the Xbox Series X.

The test was posted by Jeff Grubb and puts the Xbox Series X through a series of storage tests for internal SSDs and external HDDs. Take a look:

The strongest argument to come out of the video is that the Xbox Series X does not necessarily need the custom $220 1TB expansion card after all. External SSD storage seems to perform just fine, and you can get a lot more for $220.

Of course, if you want the full extent of the Velocity Architecture, you may get the card, but the external SSD speed tests show it’s not entirely necessary.

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Via Wccftech

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