Xen by Neuvana Aims to Shakeup This Product Category

When it comes to headphones, innovation is nothing new. Sound quality, styles, and features are constantly improving. But we can almost guarantee you’ve never experienced anything like Xen by Neuvana.

What is Vagus Nerve Stimulation?

Before we get to the gadget at hand – Xen by Neuvana – it’s very important that you understand what the vagus nerve is. (Trust us, this is crucial to appreciating these earbuds.) So, pretend you’re in a very interesting high school anatomy class for a moment and let’s learn something new.

The human body contains 12 pairs of cranial nerves. They serve many different purposes but are specifically designed to link the brain to other areas and systems of the body – including the torso, neck, and head.

Some cranial nerves are responsible for supplying sensory insights – like smells, tastes, sights, and sounds – while others influence movement of muscle groupings (known as motor functions).

Out of the dozen cranial nerves, some are specifically reserved for sensory functions. Others are dedicated to motor functions. Then you have a select few that have both.

The vagus nerve, which courses an impressive path from the base of the brain all the way down to the colon, is one such nerve. It’s so important and distinguished that it’s even called “nerve X.”

The vagus nerve isn’t just significant from a physical size perspective. It also has a great deal of influence over various bodily functions – including the voice box and diaphragm, tongue, ears, stomach, heart, and digestive tract.

Unfortunately, the vagus nerve can easily become compromised over time. And when it does, the effects can range from difficulty speaking and loss of gag reflex to abnormal blood pressure and serious intestinal issues like gastroparesis.

But likewise, there are also ways to stimulate the vagus nerve. This can help people dealing with the negative symptoms above, but it can also empower people who are otherwise “healthy” live more relaxed and focused lives.

Xen by Neuvana: Stress Reducing Earbuds

Okay, thank you for attending anatomy class with us. Now we can resume to our normally scheduled programming: the new Xen headphones by Neuvana.

Neuvana calls its headphones a “new wellness product designed to gently stimulate the vagus nerve.” The product was invented by one of the nation’s top cardiac surgeons and is backed by scientific research and discovery.

The secret sauce to Xen is the revolutionary platform it uses to send gentle and calming electrical signals to the vagus nerve. It does so by targeting a specific branch of the vagus nerve that’s found in the ear (hence the earbuds).

Xen by Neuvana works by syncing the vagus nerve stimulation pulses and signals with your music, which allows you to benefit from the stimulation while going on with your normal life. Users are known to use the product in the same way they would other earbuds – meaning they pop the headphones in while commuting, watching TV, working at a desk, jogging, or hanging out with friends.

The benefits of vagus nerve stimulation include better sleep, less stress, more tranquility, brighter mood, enhanced focus, and even reduced cravings.

And while the physical earbuds are impressive – both in form and function – it’s ultimately the Neuvana app platform that makes the product so special. It enables users to sync the proper waveforms to the beat of their music, customize different sessions, and tap into the world of vagus nerve stimulation from anywhere.

Do They Actually Work?

It’s important to note that vagus nerve stimulation isn’t some newfangled idea – and it’s not something that Neuvana has invented. Vagus nerve stimulation is actually a treatment method used by doctors to address everything from epilepsy to depression.

In severe cases like these, a device is typically inserted under the skin of the chest via a surgical procedure and wires are connected to the vagus nerve.

The beauty of vagus nerve stimulation via the ear is that there’s no invasive surgical procedure or permanency. And it’s this approach that Neuvana takes with its Xen headphones.

Ultimately every person is different, but there’s overwhelming evidence that vagus nerve stimulation works and early reports from customers and users indicate that this product has the potential to change the way people think and feel about listening to music.