Xiaomi Announces Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition

Chinese technology companies are known for being ahead of the game in terms of innovation, and Xiaomi is no exception. Recently, they have unveiled a Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition, which has already made waves in the market. Although there aren’t many technical details available, Xiaomi’s founder and CEO, Lei Jun, has shared some information about its features. So, let’s delve into what we know so far.

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Apple has not yet released its AR headset, and it has recently stopped developing smart glasses altogether. This has given Xiaomi an opportunity to launch its Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition, and Lei Jun has taken advantage of this moment to share some of the device’s features. One of the notable features is its lightweight body, which is made of carbon fiber and magnesium-lithium alloy. These materials are commonly used to make slim and lightweight laptops.

Although carbon fiber and magnesium-lithium alloy are not as sturdy as a unibody aluminum chassis, they are much lighter, which makes them the perfect materials for the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition. While the CEO did not reveal the exact technical specifications of the smart glasses, it is expected that Xiaomi will collaborate with Qualcomm to provide specialized SoCs that can support AR and VR functions.

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From the press images, it is clear that there are two sizable cameras located on either side of the glasses, along with a small unit in the center. All three sensors will most likely work together to capture and process visual data that can be converted into immersive experiences for the wearer. However, some may argue that having only three cameras on a pair of glasses is insufficient compared to Apple’s AR headset, which is rumored to have as many as 15 cameras.

Xiaomi has disclosed in the press images that the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition will feature electrochromic lenses that allow users to alternate between the virtual and physical worlds as desired. While it is uncertain how the switching process will take place, there might be a dedicated button to facilitate it, though Lei Jun did not confirm this. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the release date or pricing for the smart glasses, leading some to speculate that Xiaomi may have teased the product to attract attention, even though it might not be available anytime soon.

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