You’ll Soon Be Able to Talk to Your AMD Graphics Card

AMD is working on their Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition, which of course is their big end of the year software update. One of the new features in this update will be Voice Control. You will be able to talk to your graphics card through voice-commands. This will initially roll out in English and Chinese, and give you the ability to control a lot of things while you are in-game without having to take your hands off your keyboard / mouse.

radeon software adrenalin

Some of the voice commands could be to take a screenshot, record or stream your gameplay, adjust display settings like resolution, brightness, contrast, and even move workspaces.

Other features will be that WattMan will get an expanded feature-set, which includes one-click overclocking much like NVIDIA’s “Turing” OC Scanner. This one-click OC feature will not just adjust your GPUs clock speed, but also video memory. The driver will also support fully automated undervolting, which should make your card more energy efficient.

One last feature will be very similar to NVIDIA’s VirtualLink implementation, with direct streaming to VR headsets, sort of like Steam Link for VR headsets.

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