Zotac Factory Tour In Dongguan, China

Extended Tests
Zotac selects certain graphics cards from the production line to go through their extensive extended tests. These include a 5-year accelerated life test, environmental test, high temperature stress test, dust test, and extended gaming test. There is actually gaming lab where factory workers play video games all day and cards are run on loops of popular benchmarking programs.

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There is an entire section for fan and cooling solution testing. Zotac has many of their older cooling designs on display here. The fans and other components are run through extended use tests, temperature tests and more.

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The Mini PC Production Line
The Mini PC production line is a lot like the graphics card production line, but most of the components here are attached by hand. So the Mini PC starts as a plain board and most of the components are attached, and the outer chassis is installed over that board.

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When the Mini PC is almost completely assembled the BIOS as well as every port on the device is tested. The Mini PC goes through other tests as well before it is packaged up and ready to be shipped out.

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Select Mini PC’s are pulled off the assembly line and go through temperature checking and tests and well as an extended burn-in test.

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Seeing how both graphics cards and Mini PCs are made was a really cool experience. It is quite interesting to see what all going into the products we use everyday. A big thanks to Zotac for taking us to the factory to check things out!

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