2016’s Best PC Games


Although there’s a couple of months left in 2016 with highly anticipated titles like Dead Rising 4 still to come, it’s clear that this year has been a great year for the PC gamer.

With chaotic first-person shooters, innovative multiplayer action and some interesting sports and casino simulations, there’s never been a better time to buy yourself an early Christmas present!

Despite many critics being quick to write off the revamped Doom before it was even released, this massive first-person shooter is your best bet yet for ultraviolence on your PC. With a supremely high body count, endless varieties of bloodthirsty demons to despatch and a massive variety of weaponry, it may not have been subtle, but it was definitely the most fun you could have on your PC screen!

Not to be outdone was Overwatch. This great new title from Blizzard looks like it’s going to be one of the big hits of the competitive gaming world thanks to great characters and the awesome way that teams could compete in the multiplayer battle arena chaos.

Already the game has been taken to the capital of casino culture as Major League Gaming aim to make it one of the biggest eSports titles at Las Vegas, but with New Jersey Online Casinos showcasing the best casino games from Sugarhouse, it’s definitely going to be a tough competition!

Although the recent release of Battlefield 1 delivered yet more gaming violence, it also managed to do a good job in providing a sobering tale about real-life warfare. By setting events in World War One, it altered what we expect from first-person shooters in 2016, and the innovative use of single-player mode quickly made us learn about the unsurmountable horrors of that bloody war.

Some of the best sports simulations have also given us a good understanding of what players go through with the recent FIFA 17 game featuring a Journey Mode that put you in the boots of a young Premiership football star. With improved gameplay and some great graphical developments courtesy of the new Frostbite engine, this was the sports simulator to beat in 2016.

And finally although many have claimed that Titanfall is nothing but ‘Call of Duty with robots’, Titanfall 2 managed to quickly counter such criticisms through an amazing campaign to fight and some seriously epic battles between the Titans that showed it’s not just those casino games that are a great bet for gaming entertainment in 2016!

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