Gaming on the road: 5 top tips

Road trips are the perfect time to catch up on the latest game you’re trying to beat, whether that’s a title on your hand held console or an online game where actual cash prizes are involved.

Gaming on the road is set to get even more interesting, what with Nintendo’s recent release with its Switch console that allows gamers to essentially take their console out with them. This type of gaming experience will soon become commonplace among avid gamers, as we look for more ways to stay entertained while on the go.

For now, if you are planning a road trip, here are some top tips to make your gaming experience more enjoyable:

Anti-sickness tablets
Gaming on the road can make you feel a little lightheaded and even nauseous, so some motion sickness tablets taken before you set off on your trip are a good idea. It’s also a good idea to take regular breaks from whatever game you are playing, if you do feel dizzy or sick.

Charge up
There’s nothing more devastating than running out of battery mid game and losing all your progress! So be sure to either pack a spare battery or a portable charger to keep topped up while you travel. Alternatively, a USB cable that plugs straight into the car is another option – although you may have to fight the driver for the privilege if they’re using a sat nav!

Take a few choices
Don’t limit yourself to just one game, be sure to take along a few titles to keep you entertained throughout the journey. Something that gets the brain working or that’s fast paced and immersive should keep you entertained for hours – relying on Candy Crush isn’t a good idea, especially if you’re stuck on a hard level and run out of lives!

Refrain from annoying other people in the vehicle by wearing headphones, to hear what’s going on during your gameplay. It also ensures you enjoy a more immersive gaming experience and don’t have to listen to any of the arguments taking place about how best to reach your destination!

Playing games with other people only enhances the experience, so take along a two player game on your journey or encourage another passenger to bring their handheld console that can pair up with yours. Nintendo DS consoles are the best for this, pairing up on Animal Crossing and interacting with the fun characters or racing round tracks on MarioKart is a fun way to spend your time when travelling.

If you intend to game on the road, take on some of these tips and travel time should flash by!

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