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The Steam Summer Sale Starts June 21! Prepare Your Wallets!

You better get your wallets ready, the dates for the annual Steam Sale have been revealed by the Steam Database twitter account. The Steam Summer sale is the biggest sale to hit Steam each year and you can really get some great deals on your favorite games.

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Holiday Gaming Survival Guide

Christmas just happened and for many of us we have at least a week or so off of work. Now what to do with that time? Well for us here at ThinkComputers and most of the PCMasterRace it means hours upon hours of gaming! For that reason we have decided to compile a list not only of games, but some pretty awesome gaming hardware that you can pickup to make the most out of your time off!

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Steam’s Best Selling Games of 2015

This year was a great one for gamers with some of the most anticipated games of all time coming out. Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin has put together a report on Medium revealing preliminary results for on Valve's digital PC video game content distribution platform Steam. This report lists games that sold the most copies globally in 2015 as well as offering sales data for games sold in each individual region.

Most Played PC Games June 2014
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The Most Popular PC Games of June 2014

So what were the most popular PC Games of June 2014? Well not the most accurate statistics as not everyone uses Raptr, their monthly numbers do give us a good idea of what everyone around the world is playing. Topping the list is League of Legends with 16.76% of all PC Gamers, that is twice the percentage of the #2 game which is DOTA2 at 8.15%.

Steam Sharing
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Steam Might Let You Share Your Games With Your Friends

Sharing games you have already purchased has always been pretty easy when it came to consoles, you would just take the disc or cartridge over a friends house. When it comes to PC gaming things are a little bit harder because of licensing issues and DRM. This might change very soon as the latest beta client of Steam has a short section of code that mentions a "Shared Game Library".

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