Case Mod Friday: Green Lantern

Project Name: Green Lantern

Builder: Hanoicomputer

About This Mod / Build: This week’s build comes from Hanoicomputer out of Vietnam. It is done inside the Jonsbo Mod1 Green chassis, which is not that well known here in the states. The case is beautiful and the build Hanoicomputer has done inside is great. Taking a look at the build you can see where it gets it name from! Enjoy!


14608944_1478373438846290_2416273879291358061_o 14608849_1478373815512919_6127410939419873940_o 14567540_1478373235512977_6053037473451219658_o 14566445_1478373445512956_6538151741472457537_o 14566367_1478373638846270_8358029066571339312_o 14556795_1478373875512913_835230207589753178_o 14556693_1478373635512937_2865055260431233191_o 14543744_1478372968846337_185176353975023409_o 14543652_1478373798846254_5474337800807751245_o 14542459_1478373198846314_7849623576889637658_o 14542452_1478372975513003_6810239050582422426_o 14542416_1478373705512930_8946226348738713933_o 14542281_1478373212179646_8484274289051123591_o 14500736_1478373758846258_8742999029278349722_o 14500723_1478372982179669_5217568217841388807_o 14500585_1478373388846295_2547980592395479342_o 14481950_1478373558846278_4162775859230181071_o

CPU Intel Core i7-6800k
Mainboard MSI X99A SLI Plus
Ram Avexir Tesla Green 4x8GB Bus 2666Mhz
VGA MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB ( SLI )
HDD Seagate 2TB
SSD Plextor PeG Series 512GB
Power FSP Hydro G 850W
Case Jonsbo Mod1 Green
Display Asus PG348Q

Block CPU EK Supremancy EVO Green
Block VGA Bykski MSI GTX1070
Radiator CZ Full Copper ( 1 chiếc 240mm + 1 chiếc 360mm )
Pump DDC Thick 18W
Tank Barrow 220 x 65mm
Fitting Barrow
Coolant Thermaltake C1000

– Custom hard tubing
– Custom water cooling loop

Build Log: YouTube

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