Case Mod Friday: Purple Rain

Project Name: Purple Rain


About This Mod / Build: This week’s build comes from This was a customer build done inside a fractal design case and you can see where the build gets its name. We have a very interesting purple coolant and purple accents all throughout the build. This is a pretty hefty build as well with the ASUS X99 Strix motherboard and dual EVGA GTX 1080 FTW cards!


14976411_10154557202661827_3705720284098473973_o 14940132_10154557201801827_8826158450179554501_o 14939941_10154557199996827_3636240344451568328_o 14939558_10154557201501827_6133037808647281683_o 14890517_10154557203306827_4706216669402342521_o 14889791_10154557201091827_4623575860933288381_o 14883656_10154557202841827_5371851140384999524_o 14883515_10154557199976827_259824254120868763_o 14882379_10154557202676827_2628125152474170158_o 14859925_10154557200026827_3476466834490316341_o 14859708_10154557203141827_4865027858916047484_o

– Intel 6800K
– ASUS X99 Strix
– 2x EVGA GTX 1080 FTW
– Kingston HyperX Savage
– Samsung 950 Pro
– Samsung 850 Pro
– Seagate 10TB Barracuda
– Noctua Fans
– EKWB Cooling

– Custom watercooling loop
– Custom sleeving

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