10 Best Living Room Gadgets and Accessories

The amount of time we spend indoors is increasing by the day, even when your city is certified free from the current situation, life in the entertainment sector may not return with full speed. Until we are comfortable to come out and get entertained as usual, we can try to make the best of staying in our living rooms.

Gadgets impact our day to day lives in more ways than we’d ever dreamt of. Whether this is tracking your daily exercise routine or using the latest smartphone to browse Casimple, one of the latest casino comparison sites, showing you the best places to play and the types of casino games and online slots you’re likely to find.

You can make the ‘stay at home’ more entertaining by making the rooms you use more comfortable. In the bid to achieve this, you need to borrow some ideas from our best gadgets and accessories for living rooms.

Your living room got that name because it’s most likely the most lived in section of your house. And just like other people suffering the same fate across the globe, you are probably spending more time in that room than in all the others in your house. You may also have come up with some ways to give an extra update to your living room if you’ve been spending more time at home. You could look in the direction of a new soundbar or a new TV set. You could choose to tune up the freshening a bit. If you have been nursing this idea, then you may need to consider getting hold of improved living room gadgets.

The fact that we must all face squarely is that sporting events, movie theaters, and restaurants will not be opened in the nearest future, and there may even be a spike in new cases of this issue, just like in South Korea and China, if these centers are opened up, according to information from Washington Post. So, there is a possibility of all of us maintaining the status quo of staying home throughout this year, even when the economies of our countries are opened. However, we can milk the entire situation by bringing the level of comfort we desire to our homes. These are the reasons that prompted our article on the best living room gadgets and accessories.  This helps you to endure the absence of your favorite pastimes as you transform your room into a very comfortable space.

  1. Sevenhugs All-in-One Controller and Smart Remote

Everybody desires to de-clutter from time to time. The Smart Remote and Controller is one of the simplest upgrades you can give your room, as it helps you to prevent you from having a huge number of remotes. The Sevenhugs product comes with multiple functions. It can help you control your speakers, smart lights, the TV, and other devices in your smart home.

  1. Flösku Apple TV Remote Case

Many times, the huge difference is made by the smallest things. This Apple TV Remote Case from Flösku will cover your TV remote so beautifully with a walnut wood. This will surely bring in some warmth and style to your living room. The extra thing is that it comes with a magnetic case so that it could be attached to any metal surface in the house to avoid misplacing it.

  1. Lenovo Smart Frame Wall-Mounted Photo Display

This living room asset is another fine one. Here, you will get a 21.5-inch screen that allows you to display photos of your wedding, vacation, or any special event in your life. This could be used either horizontally or vertically, and has a feature that makes it adjust to the shade of light in your room. It is a very smart accessory.

  1. Ruark Audio R2 Mk3 Streaming Music System

Of course, you will need to listen to music the best way while you are home, and the Ruark Audio R2 Mk3 Streaming Music System offers that. This comes with FM, DAB and internet tuners. You can also enjoy music from Spotify, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi on it. This makes it much easier for you to enjoy the music you crave for.

  1. Bowers & Wilkins Formation Flex Whole-Home Sound System

You should enjoy deep immersion into your entertainment life from the best gadgets for living rooms, and that is what this sound system does. This gives you the level of audio harmony and speaker synchronization you’ve never had before, and will make you enjoy your movie night to the core. This can be connected to AirPlay, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, Roon, Spotify and others.

  1. Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box Home Theater Device

This gadget will match the program you are watching on your TV with your living room lighting. It functions to connect your TV and your hue lights so that a coordinated and synchronized atmosphere is created in your room between the hue lights and lights from your TV screen. So, based on the actions on your TV, the lights will brighten, darken, and move along.

  1. Molekule Air Home Air Purifier

Air quality is very important in every room. With this gadget, the air that comes into your living room would be purified, helping you with easier breathing. They work to take away indoor allergens and pollutants from the air. It has a disinfecting effect on the air, and kills all bacteria and viruses at any contact. With this gadget, your living room is made even healthier.

  1. Logitech Harmony 950 Universal Remote

This is an extraordinary gadget in your living room. With this, you can operate more than 270,000 devices from more than 6,000 producers. With the motion activated backlit buttons, you can see the remote buttons clearly, even when the room is dark.

  1. Acoustic Box Amplifying Smartphone Speaker

You should be making a statement of style with your living room gadgets, and that is what this speaker helps you with. You will enjoy an amazingly incredible sound on this, from your smartphone through the gramophone setup. This speaker generates great sound without the help of electric power. This will impress your friends so much that they will go for it and give you thumbs up.

  1. Helios Touch Evolution Touch-Sensitive Wall Lighting

There should be creative lighting in nice living rooms, and you are capable of designing the lighting yourself. These lighting pieces will come on when you tap them. The panels are also connected with magnets, allowing you to set them up in any shape of your choice.