10 Main Reasons to Register on GamStop

GamStop is a multi operator self exclusion scheme launched as an initiative by the not for profit body named, The National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Ltd. However, many experts believe that the UKGC is the body that operates this service. It was launched in 2018 as an optional initiative where sites are free to opt in or not. Likewise, players are also free to participate in GamStop depending on their own needs.

The year 2020 witnessed the rapid proliferation of pandemic which forced governments to apply night curfew. Closing all commercial activities throughout the day. Suspending schools and colleges. Such a global quarantine is very rare in the modern fast paced world, and it forces everyone to stay at home for a long time. In an atmosphere filled with malaise, tension and mistrust of the future, traffic on gambling sites has risen dramatically! Quite unexpectedly, gambling sites have gained immense popularity, even the star of eSports has brightened up. It got immense rapid popularity and it is on the rise right now.

Certainly, the boom in gambling during the lockdown period was not satisfactory to the UKGC especially as it was driven by completely unhealthy urges. On its official website, the UKGC has published monthly reports outlining its concerns about players who may consider gambling as a temporary source of income as they aren’t certain about their jobs. Also, it highlighted its concerns about the possibility of addicts’ number increment in the UK. As a result, it has made GamStop integration obligatory for all online gambling sites.

But what are the perks that might lead players to choose GamStop? Can you sign up to prevent gambling addiction? Is it the best option for vulnerable players? Stay with us to find out answers to these questions.

What Is GamStop and How Does It Work?

GamStop is a free service, and it gets funded through the taxes that the UKGC levies on the online gambling sites. The objective of this service is to provide help to gamblers who suffer from addictive gambling behavior. GamStop, like https://justuk.club, not only offers blog posts about the dangers of gambling, but it takes preventive action to curb the player from accessing the gambling sites when his willpower slips.

According to numerous studies about the problem of gambling, the primary symptom of the addiction is feeling remorse for losses. Consequently, deciding to quit gambling. However, the problematic gambler will relent this decision after a short period. Then, he will feel sorry for his losses, deciding to stop, revoke his decision soon after, and so forth. GamStop aims to break the addiction cycle by urging players in trouble to register an account and set a self-ban period. Once the player makes this easy process, all UKGC gambling sites will be unavailable for him. He can’t resume playing at sites where he has a pre registered account. Also, he can’t create a new account on a new UK gambling site. In other words, the player can’t resume gambling at any UK based site.

GamStop stems its meaning and power from the fact that it cannot be undone in any way! The GamStop stems its power from the fact that its registration cannot be undone in any way! If the reverse was true, meaning that players are free to cancel their accounts and resume playing, the scheme wouldn’t make any benefit for them! In other terms, GamStop is optional for players, but if they take a part, it becomes mandatory.

In the following, we will summarize the benefits of this scheme.

1.     One Request to Shut down all forms of Gambling!

Without any hassle, you can create one GamStop account to exclude yourself from all the UK sites! You can ban yourself from all British gambling sites with only one request rather than from each casino separately. This method ensures maximum convenience, and also it guarantees you do not waste more money after taking the quit decision.

2.     Varying Self Exclusion Periods

All players are free to set the self exclusion time frame. The options range from 6 months, one year, up to 5 consecutive years. The point here is that players will not be able to resume their gambling activity until the expiration of the cooling off period. As we have already mentioned, the biggest challenge of the GamStop scheme is that it is strict and does not tolerate players who want to cancel it before the specified date. Thus, if you set the self exclusion time to five years, you will have to wait until that period has elapsed to lift the ban and resume playing again on British sites.

3.     Stop Ridiculous Spending on Gambling

Gambling is a behavioral addiction, meaning that it doesn’t involve drug abuse, but it can be just as addictive behaviorally as eating fast food without starving, using social media platforms a lot, and even playing video games for a long time without a break!

Gambling addiction can have destructive effects on the psychological and mental health of sufferers and may lead to disturbances in their psychological and mental health as it is likely to cause depression, anxiety and loss of their jobs

The most exhausting part of gambling addiction is that it irreversibly destroys the financial side of the addict’s life! Therefore, GamStop intervenes, in this case, to correct the gambler’s behaviour and urge him to stop promptly and get the proper help.

4.     Containing the Addictive Behavior

One of the most harmful effects of gambling addiction is debt! In general, all gamblers mustn’t, under any circumstances, take out debt to bet on sports or casino games. Furthermore, they must not use credit methods such as credit cards or “buy now, pay later” payment methods. If the gambler is already in debt due to his gambling behaviour, he should join GamStop.

5.     Get Rid of the temptation of Betting

The moment you decide to overcome gambling addiction, each thing around will remind you of gambling! For instance, when you watch your favourite team match, you will find ads of bookmakers on the pitch and stadium. Also, when you go online to browse the news, you will find reviews of gambling sites on the news sites! In fact, the temptations to gamble are very strong nowadays, and GamStop helps you overcome them strictly.

6.     Reducing Impulsive Spending

Suppose you desire to get rid of gambling and focus on saving to get a new house or car. In that case, joining GamStop will be beneficial for you, because you will never be able to return to gaming sites during the self exclusion period.

7.     GamStop covers all Types of Gambling Sites

GamStop includes not only online casinos, but also sports betting sites, poker networks, bingo and keno. In addition, it includes sites that offer fantasy football. Thus, you will be safe from all forms of gambling after participating in GamStop.

8.     Gambling Sites Can’t send Marketing Content to Players

GamStop not only suspends players from accessing online casinos and betting sites, but also blocks gambling sites from sending marketing messages via email, so you’ll be safe from gambling.

9.     Useful for high Rollers

Players who spend a lot of money at online casinos are called High Rollers, Whales, and Cheetahs! In fact, these players are much more likely to develop addiction tendencies than players with modest budgets. GamStop could be the only impenetrable wall that can stop these players’ attempts to waste thousands of dollars in a few moments!

10.                        Avoid Bankruptcy

Players who espouse the doctrine of “recover your losses or, at least, die trying” are more likely to go bankrupt due to their miserable attempts to make up for their previous losses by placing more and higher wagers.

Although players should only gamble with money they can afford to lose, some players borrow money and face intolerably high levels of debts for the sake of gamble! Therefore, for these players, the first step to controlling the financial situation is to use GamStop. Thus, they will have sufficient financial resources to pay off their debts and achieve a surplus to push their lives.