$10,000 Gold Plated Xbox One Spotted

The trend of having the super expensive alternatives of all gadgets has become quite a common fair now. There is obviously something needed for a filthy rich person who has already got his hands full with everything and also because getting an expensive thing in itself is not a much greater satisfaction anymore; those who have the power and the money need to feel differentiated from the mainstream and prefer customization. We’ve all the smartphones, accessories and what not in this line and now it’s time for the Xbox One to play its part.

Gold Xbox One

The infamous Harrods of London bring out the gold plated Xbox One and this gaming console is not the first thing Harrods has included in its wide range of luxuries, hence it knows what it’s doing with this one. And much to everyone’s surprise, Harrods is only selling this latest out of the world luxury at its store for the moment. This obviously comes with a lucrative price tag of £6,000 which means that to get hands on this one; someone will be paying £5,600 more than what they would for an ordinary Xbox One.

Source: Reddit | News Archive