Ubisoft Explains Why Watch Dogs Was Delayed

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs was a standout amongst the most foreseen game in the next gen console launch lineup but the developers have delayed it with the “The Crew” which is the multiplayer open world racing game and so far no explanation has been given as to why this was done. This delay was a huge disappointment for many gamers who considered themselves unfortunate as they wouldn’t be able to purchase their favorite game along with the next gen consoles. With all this happening around, Ubisoft had to explain why this delay took place in the first place.


Ubisoft is the name that has been associated with the delivery of first quality AAA games and they have been keeping up their quality promise for quite some time now. Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed leave no doubt to our minds about the fact that it is a developer which knows how to make a game appear better. And this is not the first time it has delayed a game and that too a major title. This is primarily because the developer does not want to leave any room for mistakes and absolutely doesn’t want to compromise on quality. Watch Dogs and The Crew both were expected to launch aside the next gen launch lineup but unfortunately they have been delayed further till somewhere in the mid of 2014.


Ubisoft’s North American President Laurent Detoc recently gave an interview to IGN and during this interview it was brought to attention that the delaying of the Watch Dogs title was not an easy decision and it was quite intense in nature. The developers do realize that the game, which already is a great name in the gaming world, would have created a lot of hype if it had released alongside the next gen consoles but delaying it was the best thing to do for the game. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V’s game quality and visuals was quite an inspiration for Ubisoft and after this it just wanted to focus on making their game more competent.

Dectoc said in the same interview that this gaming industry was quite a play in real life; one could go from a genius and the leader to an idiot in no time. Convincing everyone (internally as well as externally) that Watch Dogs had to be delayed was not easy but eventually the decision had to be made in order to fine tune the game and enhance it even further. He even said that at the Gamescom in August 2013 Ubisoft had fully intended to launch the game as it was planned and scheduled for but it was delayed shortly after the event. Though it was hard convincing millions of fans out there but at the same time better quality was the result which was worth waiting for. The company had spent years on perfecting and developing this game and now taking a few more months to ensure its perfectness is undoubtedly justified.