GELID Launches the SpeedTouch 6 Fan Controller

GELID Solutions, most commonly known for their computer hardware solutions, have introduced the “SpeedTouch 6” fan controller which is going to form part of the GAMER product line. The fan controller is available in the market now and has been priced at USD 35 or Euro 29 and comes with a 2 year warranty.

GELID SpeedTouch 6 Fan Controller

The GELID engineers have developed a special LED fan controller which is going to come with a touch screen capacitive type. The “Speedtouch 6” is going to put in 6 channels with a 30W performance for every channel there is. The fan controller is going to come inside an aluminum case and can easily be used with different kinds of fans using the voltage control. Every channel is going to have and make use of its temperature sensor. For speed adjustments, there are automatic or manual controls for every channel. For a definite fan speed accuracy, the fan speed is shown at second digits precision for instance if the actual or effective speed is 1653 Rpm, then the fan controller is going to show it as 1650 Rpm. You can have temperatures displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Source: GELID | News Archive