ASUS Motherboard With SATA Express Interface Teased

TweakTown has let out a teaser of an approaching ASUS motherboard which offers the new SATA Express interface. Intel was apparently wanting to do a switch to SATA Express interface on their motherboards which are based upon the 9-Series chipset which will back up the Haswell Refresh as well as the Broadwell-K arrangement processors.


The ASUS motherboard appears to be quite like their latest Z87 Legacy lineup and the SATA Express interface has been teased on it. We are expecting a high probability that this could be based off the Z97 chipset and this is the one which Intel is planning to start in the second quarter of 2014. Although this is also being considered as a possibility but there is one more also that maybe ASUS has fused the SATA Express ports on their current Z87 chipset motherboards.


The SATA Express is going to be coming in a form which will have two connectors. One of these is going to be for the PCI-E and the SSD and the other one is going to be restricted to only the PCI-E. And we also might be looking at a design of the connector which is completely and totally new. The SATA Express interface has the ability to transmit signals for both the PCI Express as well as the SATA. We are hearing that the SATA Express Interface has a bulky new cable for the PCI-E but the SATA IO is going to be making a different one for the SSDs. Also the connector is backwards compatible with SATA 3 6GB/s and this feature allows you to plug in the current version of SATA 3 devices in all the ports without facing any problems. Moreover, the SATA Express has transfer speeds of up to 16 GB/s and this undoubtedly provides a boost to the PCI-E and SSD devices.

Source: TweakTown | News Archive