AMD Kaveri A10-7850K APU Spotted, Cooled with LN2

The quite foreseen Kaveri APUs by AMD include the A10-7850k and A10-7700k and they are all set out towards their launch which is going to be in under a month now and is going to take place exactly on the 14th of January. The desktop PC audience should be looking forward to quite an interesting month since the CES 2014 is just right around the corner and the Kaveri’s launch is also happening in the same month.


There is something extraordinary about Kaveri and that is that it doesn’t just have the new Steamroller cores and the new GCN architecture but it also comes along with AMD’s HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture). Not only that, it incorporates the Mantle API, the True Audio technology and also supports the Directx 11.2. Contrasted with its predecessors, the Kaveri APU might not be readily tagged as a revolutionary new chip yet it advances a fusion design which has been considered the best as of recently. This design provides users with more valves and a feature packed bundle which runs apps and games without causing any bumps in performance. There were a couple of pictures posted on the Facebook page of Biostar and they showcased the new A10-7850k APU which was running on their Hi-Fi A88W 3D board under LN2 cooling. The A10-7850k is seen running at 4.2 GHz in a few cases but the actual clock speed rates still have not been confirmed which were designed for the LN2 session. However the minimum temperature was kept at -182.5.


The AMD A10-7850k is coming out as the flagship Kaveri APU for the year 2014 and this is going to supplant the Richland A10-6800k APU. It has four Steamroller centers and 512 GCN stream processors which will be responsible for bringing up the performance so that it meets up with the Radeon HD 7750 as far as graphics are concerned. The A10-7850k comes with a max compute of 856 GFLops (GPU + CPU) where as the Richland A10-6800k APU had 779 GFLops