Sapphire Rolls Out Radeon R9 270X Dual-X 4 GB Graphics Card

A variant of the Radeon R9 270X Dual-X graphics card has recently been released by SAPPHIRE, with 4 GB of memory which is twice the amount offered in standard memory storage. This ensures that the card is perfectly suited for the high end games such as Battlefield 4 since it meets all the system requirements. The new variant card is going to feature a GDDR5 memory of 4 GB which has been clocked at 5.60 GHz. This memory is laid across a 256-bit wide memory interface that generates a bandwidth of 179 GB/s.


Talking in practical terms, the card is more or less similar to the R9 270X Dual-X graphics card. The PCB has a non reference design and comes with SAPPHIRE’s compact Dual-X cooling solution. Though the pricing has been confirmed yet, but it is expected that the card will be priced for $30 to $50 premium over the $199 reference design when it will be introduced to the western markets.


Source: Sapphire | News Archive