Intel Celeron G1820 and G1830 CPUs Available for Sale

It was known that the Haswell ‘Celeron’ Processors will not be launched till the first quarter of 2014 but Intel has already rolled out two SKUs ahead of the launch date. While these two are available for purchase already, the other will be available next month. You can find these processors at a couple of online retailers and also the third party sellers on Amazon. We might tag these two SKUs as being “leaked” earlier than they were officially due and the entire Celeron line will be available by next month.


We know that the Celeron series are perfect to be settled as the budget value series and their Maxwell refreshes are no exception. The processors will be available] at affordable rates, with prices starting from $42. This is perfect for users who like to remain on a budget and still would like to enjoy the latest architecture without increasing costs. The processors come with integrated HD graphics, clocked at 1050 MHz, and there is an on-chip memory controller as well which extends support for memory up to DDR3-1333. There are a few downfalls however. Only basic instruction sets will be incorporated by these processors such as Intel 64 and SIMD instructions up to SSE4.

Source: CPU World | News Archive