AMD Opteron Roadmap Reveals Next Generation Toronto and Carrizo APU Details

AMD’s net gen Opteron chips will include the Toronto APU, Toronto CPU and Cambridge CPU and AMD has already presented a road map for these. The surprising part is that this road map also includes some details about the AMD’s Carrizo APU which is going to be launched in the year 2015.


It is quite obvious from the presented road map that AMD is going to be using the Opteron 6300 and 4300 series Piledriver based chips till 2015 for the 2P / 4P servers. Talking about the Berlin APU, it is based on the similar foundation as that of the AMD APUs which are yet to come out. The Berlin APU is going to be featuring four x86 Steamroller cores and this is similar to what has been featured on the consumer variant. Some of the slides have revealed that the AMD’s R7 series IGP is based on the Sea Islands architecture. This is the same architecture which is featured on the Radeon HD 7790 and codenamed Bonaire XTX.

The A10-7850K and A10-7700K variants will have the unlocked multiplier for the consumer platform. Talking about the Server and Consumer SKUs, they will feature a DDR3 memory, FM2+ socket or BGA, Bolton SCH and HSA / HUMA optimizations. Moving on to Toronto, it is the closest thing we have detailing the specifications of AMD’s 2015 APU codenamed Carrizo.


The Toronto APU and CPU variants will be accessible in BGA and SoC variants. The SoC variants are going to have the southbridge planted on the APU die itself. This is going to save on a lot of power and space and will also optimize the workload. This encourages a more coherent architecture approach and this is what AMD’s HSA is all about. It was revealed during the presentation of AMD that a complete framework with the Toronto APU will have a max power usage of 70W.

Source: SemiAccurate Forums | News Archive