Intel Lowers Prices of Multiple Core and Celeron Processors

We have had a lot of price wars lately and now talking about the price slashing, Intel’s take on it was last seen for this year on Sunday. This act saw a price cut that ranged from 4% to 26% and was done for approximately 31 processors by Intel, majority of which were the mobile models. The Core i7-4770R, i5-4670R and i5-4570R were the three low-power Haswell-based chips and these were the only desktop chips which received a cut somewhere between 9% and 11%.


Now moving on to the mobile front, the price slashing resulted in lower prices for a trio of high-end quad-cores; the i7-4960HQ with a 5% cut, the i7-4950HQ also with a 5% cut and the i7-4850HQ received the most with a 7% cut. Some of these price cuts also included the Celeron CPUs based on the Ivy Bridge, Haswell and Bay Trail architectures. Those who are interested in more details can have a look at the lists provided for these price cuts.

Source: TechPowerUp! | News Archive